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    Quantum Geek: Episode 2 – Goombas Feel Pain, Too

    "So I've got to ask," Rick said to his newly digitized friend, "What's it like in there?" "Really weird; I feel like I'm in someone else's body. And the world...game....whatever... is even worse. I ca

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    Quantum Geek: Episode 1 – Player One Has Entered The Game

    Imagine, if you will, a story of magicks ancient and powerful. A tale of minds that can grip and shape reality. A chronicle of technology so powerful and advanced it can barely be comprehended by the mortal mind. This is not a story about these things.

  • What the Crap?: I Pee, Therefore, I Am

    People complain about how, in movies, no one ever goes to the bathroom. OK, no one actually complains about this except me. And I don't even want to see them actually go to the bathroom...so I'm not e

  • What the Crap? Super Mario Bros.

    The game that started it all. The Super Mario Bros. are probably more recognizable than Mr. Clean and Frankenberry combined. But what made the game so popular? The catchy tunes? The vegetarian diet? O

  • Live in Yore World #6

    Another in our series of the evolution of technology, albeit a less exciting one. An example of how less is needed to store a lot more. Note: The dimensions are rough measurements, so don't get all pe

  • Oh, the Humanity!: Super Mario Bros.

    About ten years ago, someone got the bright idea to make a movie based on the Super Mario Brothers video games. The only problem was that the games make no damn sense. Seriously, as awesome a game as it is, there really isn’t much more to it than running through the sewer and stomping on oversized turtles. Well, there’s also the part about eating mushrooms and saving a princess, but I’m entirely certain that that part of the game is real. Every time I eat mushrooms I end up believing that I’m on a quest to save some princess, only to find out that I had spent the last hour trying to smash turtles at the local pet store. Which, by the way, has a shithead for a manager who called the cops after I had already said that I was leaving.

  • Dear Readers: New Year’s Resolutions

    It's been a while since I last made any New Year's Resolutions, with the last one being "To not eat so much paste in class", but the time seems right to press start and try again.

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    Digital Championship Wrestling: Mario vs. Sonic

    Paul: Hello everybody I'm Paul Franzen, alongside Eric "Super Thumb" Regan, and boy what a matchup we have for you today!

  • Your Top 10 Favorite Games: Todd Bigelow

    Todd Bigelow's top 10 favorite videogames.

  • Versus Mode: Mario 1 vs. Mario 2 vs. Mario 3

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Well, another year down, and so is another year's worth of games.  But, for the sake of the classics, we're going back a bunch of years, and we're gonna look at some classics.  Now