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    Good Riddance: Turtles in Time Getting Delisted in the U.S.

    And so ends the sad story of one of the most disappointing games from the past decade. Joystiq reports that Turtles in Time: Re-shelled—the remake of the classic SNES game that added terrible graphics and removed great music and levels—will be delisted from the PlayStation Network as of June 30. (Other sites are reporting that it’ll … Continue reading "Good Riddance: Turtles in Time Getting Delisted in the U.S."

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    What the Crap?: Difficulty Settings and Modes

    Why, cruel videogame industry, are we forced to play Goldilocks when sitting down to play our games? Games all have their own ideas of what Easy and Hard mean, have different rewards (and sometime none at all) for choosing a more difficult setting, and really produce a schism in groups of people who say they've beaten a game. I really don't care if you've beaten the game on "Super Easy," you shmuck!

  • Shadow Complex (X360-XBLA)

    Shadow Complex is one of those titles that shouldn't be on Xbox Live Arcade. I'm not saying it's not good enough; nuh-uh, no way. I'm saying it's too good for XBLA—it makes everything else in the li

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    The 2009 GameCola Videogame Awards

    2009 is a year that many different gamers will remember for many different things. We'll remember it as the year we got to play as Ringo and Paul, Egon and Ray, and...flowers. We'll also remember it a

  • How Many Times Do They Need to Ruin Ninja Turtles?

    Ubisoft recently announced that they'll be making a brand-new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles side-scrolling beat 'em up for the DS. Right now, you're probably thinking that this is the Best News You'v

  • Turtles in Time Remake?

    From what I understand, this upcoming XBLA remake of Turtles in Time is going to be exactly like the original...except that it's going to have ugly 3D graphics.