• Zelda Wii Delayed; Zelda 3DS Speeds Up

    GameCola tells you all about the two upcoming Zelda games.

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    Playing Videogames in Classrooms

    Ironically, Brain Age doesn't seem to be smart enough to work.

  • Captain Michael’s Fabricated News Feature Presentation

    Captain Michael’s Fabricated News Feature Presentation reports on Back to the Future, Metroid: Other M, and Zelda: Skyward Sword.

  • GC Podcast #26: E3 2010

    The latest edition of The GameCola Podcast has just been released, featuring E3 coverage from three people who didn't actually go to E3. Michael Gray, Paul Franzen, and Elizabeth "Lizo" Medina-Gray di

  • Wii Zelda Rumors

    Zelda fans are long-suffering. In a world where semi-constant sequels have become the norm, they've been forced to go without any Zelda games for several long years on end, because quite clearly, Link

  • Fabricated News: Zelda Wii Exists.

    Zelda fans have been getting increasingly anxious about Wii Zelda. After all, the last console Zelda game was Twilight Princess in 2006, and it's now 2010. Sure, there have been two installments of T

  • Carbonated News: E3 2009 Review

    Welcome to "Carbonated News," the column where I get you up-to-date on all the latest gaming news while making a bunch of snarky comments about everything. This month, I'm giving you a recap of all th

  • Carbonated News: E3 2009 Preview

    Welcome to "Carbonated News," the column where I take news stories from other Web sites and burp them back at you. This month, the focus is on the Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3), which will be h