• [NSFW] MadWorld (Wii)

    The gore-fest that the '90s TV tried to convince you all games were.

  • Sprite Monkey Lives!

    Hold off on that candle-light vigil, everyone! Former GameCola staff writer (and current sprite monkey) Sprite Monkey, who left our site under mysterious circumstances in the summer of 2009, has been

  • Wandering Willows (PC)

    This game has confirmed what I have always suspected to be true: hot air balloons are NOT a reliable method of travel. As proof, your character in Wandering Willows, as molded by you to resemble your

  • The Adventures of Cookie & Cream (PS2)

    THE ADVENTURES OF COOKIE CREAM WILL RUIN YOUR RELATIONSHIP. Having said that, let me clarify. If you never want to speak to your father, mother, brother, or sister again, sit down and play The Adven

  • Versus Mode: Square Characters, Booth Babes, LittleBigPlanet, and More

    Brendan Becker of MAGFest and Sprite Monkey of GC/Secret of Mana Theater discuss Square characters with wussy-sounding names, E3 booth babes, LBP copyright infringement, and more.

  • WiiWare Review (July 2008)

    This is an abysmal way to start off the month for WiiWare, with a good concept that fell to pieces in development. Terrible graphics, annoying repetitive music, a lack of real customization options and AI that is just total garbage makes for a terrible racing experience that is as frustrating as it is lackluster. Still, the concept is cool, but it doesn’t come close to saving this game.

  • Are You Game?: Virtual Console

    Well, I figured it was time to write this article. With WiiWare and Virtual Console titles growing in number every week, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep everything you want on your Wii menu. Even though Wii hard drive space is only an issue for geeks and otaku, I figured it was time to do them a service and point out which titles should be ready to play without re-downloading them.

  • Boom Blox (Wii)

    It started with an inkling. An idea. An idea formed by a man. A man with a big important name, a lot of clout, and a lot of money, who one day said he wanted to make a game he could play with his kids

  • Wii Fit (Wii)

    You start with an embarrassing, creepy, and awkward balance test administered by a rubbery anthropomorphic balance board. Wait a second; let me take a step back.I'll be the first to admit that I'm ove

  • Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles (Wii)

    The problem with The X-Files as the seasons wore on and on was that the mythology got so convoluted that when Mulder found his sister, there was absolutely no sense of direction or narrative cohesion.