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Why are you ignoring the Wii

– Wii like the funk

Paul: Because we are heartless fanboys catering exclusively to the systems we love.

Maybe if you reviewed new games, or games that people actually care about (because they are reall good or they reall suck), then maybe people would come here.

This isn’t the ROM Pit, nor is it top-notch games.

– Wii like the funk

Christian: If you want reviews of new games you have IGN, 1up, EGM, etc, etc, etc. If you want reviews of new games, strange games, obscure games and classics, we’re the place to go. It’s what we do.

Dear Readers

hellz bellz… when it comes down to it, over the past 6 months i’ve spent more time with Clubhouse Games than pretty much any other title outside of Oblivion. If that’s not a solid 9, then i dont know what is. the fun factor is a 10, but when you hit those gotdamned confusing games, or cheapass ones like Ludo, then you’ve got to bump it down a notch. i think 9 is perfect for that title. its everything a DS game should be. fun, pretty, easy to pick up and put down, varied, challenging, etc.

– callmesteam

Versus Mode

Someone needs to get Michael a girlfriend.

– Paul

Christian: He can put part of his hefty GameCola paycheck toward this:

Matt Gardner’s review of D1 Grand Prix (

I demnad father time come back!!!!!!!!!!!


– Anonymous

Alex’s review of Shadowrun

This game was once recommended to me by a person I worked with who smelled like rotting cottage cheese and was a chronic liar. When he wasn’t busy rock climbing or being a ninja he insisted he played this game non-stop. So, there’s one glowing review.

– Christian

Matthew Fraser’s review of EVE Online

You know, my friend used to be addicted to that game. He tried to get me into it, but I couldn’t even stand watching him play. All he did was warp, talk to a merchant or something, and warp some more. I wonder what the people who developed the game have to say in defense of creating such an abomination.

And, by the way, the nerd in me feels that it must correct you. An AU is a real unit of measure, being an “Astronomical Unit” equal to the distance between the earth and the sun. It’s a little under 150 million km, unless the game decided to use the same term and replace the measurement.

– Alex

Matthew Fraser: Well, I just estimated the amount of AU from the distances in the game, but I guess it might work.

You filthy game poacher! If you didn’t review this free game this month, Zintl might have been able to have a game to write about for Poor Player’s Paradise. For shame! 🙂

Thanks for the heads-up, though. I almost downloaded it. Sounds boring.

– Christian Porter

Matthew Fraser: It’s not free after 14 days. It’s you usual attempt to suck someone in and then JACK UP THE PRICE!

Matt Gardner’s review of Contact

I don’t care what anybody says—that doctor guy is Dr. Andonuts.

– Christian

Paul’s review of Sam & Max Season 1, Episode 4: Abraham Lincoln Must Die!

You also forgot to fail to fail to mention that suggesting that the 3D graphics in these Sam and Max games could at all be compared to any other graphics in anything is extraordinarily insulting. Also it needs to be failed to fail to be mentioned that 3D graphics, although definitely a step down in this case, are often the only reasonable way to go. For example, Oblivion with 2D graphics would be moronic.

One other thing. I don’t know if you noticed this, but you actually mentioned all of those things that you said you wouldn’t mention! In list form! Oops!

– Matt

Could you tell me how to get through Tetris? I’m stuck at level 6 and I don’t know where to go.

– Eric

Be Careful What You Search For

It’s so Leo. The voice, the personality, everything. I thought I was the only person who thought that!

– Richo

Lies!! LIES! It is totally Raph.

– Eric

Cheat Codes for Life

I should have mentioned that those are also the only games I’ve ever played for the PC….

– Andy

If you want a sexy romantic game then Japan has a little game called Battle Raper; that’s sure to do the trick.

– Christian

If you want “adult” themed games, I’d suggest a company called JAST USA.

– Paul

Captain Eric’s Super Thumb Feature Presentation

Fish…Tycoon? Despite your stunning graphical prowess, I don’t get it.

– Paul

Top of the Heap

You’re putting the cart before the horse; the Maniac Mansion tv series was a spin-off from the game, which was the original license.

– reluctance

The Poor Player’s Paradise

The laziness of angry nerds wears thin. If this doesn’t catch your fancy, this should… failing which, you are made of stone.

– reluctance

Digital Championship Wrestling

Oh come on…there was no way Crono was going to lose, he can’t even say anything besides “…”.

– Andy

Paul: That’s funny…neither can Brian! Oh, those wily DCW match-makers.

Inside the Guide

For some ungodly reason I played Anticipation a lot when I was a kid. I guess I’ve always been drawn to crap games.

– Christian

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