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Staff Battle 2007

VOTE FOR ME! Oh, who am I kidding. Kevin’s going to win.

– Alex

Did I get one vote? If I did I want to know who that person is so I can kill them for giving me any hope that I might actually be truly loved in my small, cold life. 🙂

BTW, WTF, why did I get Employee of the Month? Did I forget about some voodoo spell I cast this month on you Paul?

– Gina

Dear Readers

FANzens! C’mon, I deserve some credit for that one.

– Paul

Matt F.’s review of Recoil (Issue 5-11)

I once had a full Recoil the game was very adictive Difficult and time consuming many nights and early mornings were spent trying to compleat it after about 3 months of saving games and restarts i managed to complete the game to its final objective {ON MINIUM DEGREE OF DIFFICULTY} now again i would realy like to go again but i cant find a disk can someone help there must be one somewhere on this planet

– Michael Smith

Alex’s review of Dune

“both loosely based upon the novel of the same name”

This one gets bit more mileage out of likenesses of characters from David Lynch’s movie adaptation, and the CD-ROM version even opens with a video clip from the movie’s beginning.

“The developers of Dune weren’t quite as creative as those of Dune II.”

Not everyone gets to singlehandedly break a new game genre into the mainstream 8)

“The music is a little difficult to listen to at times, as well; and, when it’s not difficult to listen to, it’s just nondescript and boring.”

In an extraordinary move for the time, the game’s publisher released a music CD of the game’s soundtrack. It may not be an unqualified success (maybe Stephane Picq is no Frank Klepacki), but it certainly didn’t settle for just being video game music.

“I really have to wonder why Dune II even wanted to be considered a sequel to this game.”

If both games had been named simply “Dune” it would have been confusing for the consumer to tell them apart based on word-of-mouth.

– reluctance

Why can’t Dune be left as a novel? It is probably the most unsuccessfully franchised thing in history…and yet, it has tortured you with a game.

– Gina

Alex: Let’s not forget Dune II, Dune 2000 and Dune III! Or, we can talk about the 80’s movie and the two miniseries on SciFi.

Or the BOARD GAME!!! I own that!

Travis’ review of Road Avenger

For some ungodly reason I love stupid FMV games. I’m gonna have to go play this now.

– Christian

I absolutely can’t stand those stupid games like Space Ace and Dragon Lair…. Yet, somehow, this game looks amazing. It must be the song.

– Alex

I might have to figure out how to get my Sega CD to work just to play this game.

BTW, how do you get a Sega CD to work.

– Paul

Travis: It’s very simple, Paul. You buy the second version of the Sega CD with the flip lid because the one with the motorized tray is a complete piece of shit.

Gina’s review of Ball Breakers

What did the poor children ever do to you?!

– Alex

Gina: They told me I shouldn’t get a rating above 6.

Matt F.’s review of Capitalism II

You’ve inspired me to go find this game now. Sounds fun.

– Christian

I think they you may indeed be the anti-Christ.

– Gina

Paul’s review of Sam & Max Season 1, Episode 6: Bright Side of the Moon

Holy crap! This is the most amazing article I’ve ever seen in my life EVER!!! You’ve officially ruined me for every other article out there.

Rating: 5000000/10

– Lizo

What the hell is all of this! IT MAKES NO SENSE!

– Eric

Man, I figured the final installment of S&M: Season 1 would be great, but I didn’t even imagine it would be THAT great!

– Christian

I had no idea what was going on…. And, I loved it.

– Alex

Your ego may indeed be larger than I originally thought, but that isn’t the disturbing part. The disturbing part is that I like this article.

– Gina

Low-Rent Adventures in Japan (Issue 5-3-2)

nothing wacky about spread beaver. they were a fairly popular j-rock band with hide from x-japan.

– Anonymous

Be Careful What You Search For

That is the saddest penguin I have ever seen.

– Paul

Eric: Oh, I think I know a few penguins that would have to disagree with you on that one, Paul. Did you forget about the Saskatchewan Zoo incident already?

testgame.exe: Making the Adventure

Figure out how to capitalize testgame! I can’t handle this any longer!

– Paul

Eric: It is not capitalized in the logo! Therefore, no capitalizations. For sure.

Captain Eric’s Psychic Thumb Feature Presentation

Game Party has skee-ball!!! Is it as fantastic as I think it will be when it’s released?

– Paul

Eric: You may never play another game as long as you live, Paul.

Sex, drugs and Starcraft 2 will become the banners of all fanboy and fangirl ruled sites for future generations.

– Gina

Top of the Heap

Urgh…I hated Base Wars. Mutant League Football wasn’t so bad, though.

And, what’s wrong with poutine?! Really, even when I try to explain what it is to people, they think it’s gross. I think most people just have no idea what a “curd” is.

– Alex

Christian: I don’t know, all the French people around here (everybody) swears by the stuff and it just sits in your gut like you ate a plateful of gravy-soaked birdshot. Makes me feel ill.

Where is all my mutant testosterone? Crap, I’m still a woman.

– Gina

The Gates of Life

Where can I vote to get anything involving the word “streeb” destroyed and completed removed from the history of the world.

– Eric

Inside the Guide

That cave looks oddly uncavelike.

– Eric

Cavacity aside, that was an amazing video. The concept of making a guide for a game like Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego equally blows my mind.

– Alex

Where in Time is Michael Gray!! Haaaaaaaahhahaha. That is a good one. Why doesn’t GameCola have more terrible wordplays?

– Paul

I’m old because I remember watching this show every day. I’m a nerd because I enjoyed it.

– Gina

… of the Month

I know!

– Lizo

It took me like 30 seconds to look up Speed Racer on Wikipedia. Looks like it’s Chimchim.

Also, in Final Fantasy 2, there was a guy named Cid, and in every other Final Fantasy game, there was a guy named Cid!!! WHAT A COINCIDENCE!!!

– Alex

Matt: 30 seconds well spent. It’s good to see people are willing to go that extra mile just to know, so that they can post.


1) The greatest otM guest host of all time is Eric and Lizo—there’s no way to choose between the two.

2) The greatest writer, overall, of all time, is Douglas Adams, with Neal Iannone coming in at a close second.

3) I think Alex already has this one taken care of.

4) Let’s see…uh…well, there’s another Matt Gardner writing for another Web site. That’s all I’ve got without thinking.

5) It’s amazing!

– Paul

I just posted…but I don’t know.

– Eric

I’m the greatest writer of all time…well, at least when the wormhole I’m working on is stable it will be true.

– Gina

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