Poll: What’s Your Dream Game?

Everybody's got at least one videogame they've always wanted to see. What's yours?

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little nemo boxOK, time for another stupid poll! Don’t worry; this is nothing like the poll where we see if you know how to leave a comment, or the poll where most people have been too polite to say anything (which are ongoing stupid polls, by the way). No, this poll is all about the videogame you’ve always wanted to see.

So, what’ll it be? A sequel to your favorite obscure ColecoVision game? Left 4 Dead Beach Volleyball? An extreme croquet crossover game starring Earthworm Jim and GLaDOS? A remake of Metroid: Other M?

You’re the one with all the crazy videogame dreams; I just supply ideas and hyperlink them to more interesting posts. So, what’s your dream game? And so help me, if anyone references an actual videogame with the word “dream” in the title, I will personally roll my eyes at you.

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  1. wow, this is a really hard question. I have never thought about what my “dream” game would be, but I always thought it would be cool to have an RPG about philosophy (I know it would never sell) I once played a dragon warrior hack, I think it was called “debate warrior” which kind of played to what I had in mind but didn’t realise my fantasy. I am conflicted between if it would be a 16-bit game with retro charm or a more modern piece so I could have sweet cut scenes and an dramatic art style and very epic music, like shadow of the colossus and dante’s inferno. I can just imagine figuratively slaying a horde of logical positivists with my extreme arguementation ability to intense choir music with violin now! *drool*

  2. oh, and at the beginning you get to pick which philosopher you wanted to play as and Spinoza and Heidegger would have to be on the list. Also, Descartes but only so I could make him die a billion humiliating deaths!

  3. Naturally I’d like to see the Earthbound/Mother franchise flourish and grow with many well-written sequels, but that’s not going to happen.

    Also, I agree with buffybean, I like the idea of more high brow videogames, like ones based on philosophy. Some based on non-war historical events would be cool too, like Eternal Sonata should have been if it wasn’t godawful. A point-and-click adventure where you uncover the scandalous goings-on inside Tammany Hall and take down Boss Tweed or a game where you’re Torquemada leading the Spanish Inquisition.

    And, on a less high brow note, I’d like to see a game based on the movie Battle Royale where you are one of several middle school children dropped on an island with a backpack containing random weapons (some good, some lame) and must hunt each other down and kill one another until only one remains.

  4. I want to see Megaman game with a versus mode. “WHAT!?!?! HOW WOULD THAT WORK!?!?!” Well I’ll explain, there would be a few playable characters (megaman, protoman, bass, can’t really think of many others that would work for this)and you would be able to pick a set of any 8 powers from megaman 1-10. Once you’ve customized your set you’d pick a stage. Some stages would just be some of the boss rooms (bubble man would be a tricky one) and some would be a whole section of a level (the air part of snake man’s would be another tricky fight, so would the room in Wily’s castle in MM3 with the moving platforms and spikes on the wall.) The health bars would be rather large because otherwise, these fights wouldn’t last very long.

    Also, who would win in a fight? Elec Man or Quick Man? Find out because robot masters would be playable in their own mode using only their powers to fight. Though some balancing would have to be put into play for the weaknesses because otherwise Metal Man would be quite overpowered. Maybe just to add in more awesome stuff, all the Staroids from MM5 (gameboy) would be usable as well. This would all be in 8-bit, so the MM8 and 7 robot masters will be forced to convert! MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!

    And this would be only complete with a brand new 8 bit Megaman adventure of its own with the game. Its masters and powers would be selectable in versus as well.

  5. I think there are three games I want to see.

    1) Another game like Majora’s Mask. That game had many elements that I enjoy, such as the ability to play as four different characters, a large Harvest Moon style cast, and using time travel to change the world/lives of the different characters. Being a time-travelling do-gooder is fun.

    2) I want to see Toad star in his own videogame. I’m thinking either a N64 style platformer, or a point-and-click adventure game (a genre the Mario series has yet to conquer).

    3) Duck Tales 3.

  6. how about a game where mario,sonic, and megaman all team up to take down evil. and they could interact with different brands like namco or konami. I shall call it…….. “BRANDS UNITE!!!!!!!” (with extra exaggeration)

  7. A video game port of Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining. I couldn’t care less which platform picks it up. Just capture the atmosphere of that movie, even for a moment, and it will be a success. Plus, think of the expansion that could be done to include the memorable characters from the novel. You can play as either Jack, Wendy or Danny. And if you’re Danny, you are forced to see the bathtub woman.

    Someone make it happen!

  8. There’s never been a better system for Mario Bondage Party than the Wii. Leather paddle Wiimote attachments, special edition ball gag nunchuk and, for the big spenders, the hardcore edition can have a special sounding rod Wiimote.

  9. I agree! I think the Kinect version would be a tad intrusive and require far too much energy but the Wii seems entirely workable.

  10. Awesome, awesome, awesome, etc. We were doing REALLY WELL until SOMEBODY ruined everything with a totally inappropriate comment. Jeff Day.

    I want to see a Space Quest VII that gives the series a more fitting conclusion than SQ6. I also want to play that Mega Man game James came up with. Now. Get busy, people.

  11. Nancy Drew helps Detective Gumshoe solve a mystery, and Phoenix and Edgeworth work together to prove the culprit guilty (Best. Game.Ever.)I also agree with Michael Gray — A toad videogame would be great. (*cough*SuperToadBrothers*cough*)

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