• Off-Topic Podcast #2: Giant Squid Scenes

    Come listen to all the topics that were TOO GOOD for the actual podcast!

  • Yet Another New DS

    On March 23rd, Nintendo (presumably embarrassed about their poor showing at GDC 2010) announced that they're planning yet another version of the DS. This makes at least four different kinds of DSes, a

  • Powder (DS)

    OK, let’s lay everything out on the table: I own a DS flash card. I have, amazingly enough, never used my flash card to play pirated games. I’d like to say that this is because I am a principled fellow who believes in giving developers their due, but my motivations are less noble: I simply … Continue reading "Powder (DS)"

  • Tetris DS (DS)

    You need two screens to play this game, but only one screen to read this review. Before we get to the game, let me take you back to a turbulent time known as the 80s. The NES had just come out, and he

  • [NSFW] GC Podcasts #14-15 on YouTube: We Are (Still) Drama Queens

    Paul, Matt, the Cap'n, Vangie, and Michael steal each other's boyfriends, work dopey jobs, buy fabric, go to the opera, do their hair...

  • Retro Game Challenge (DS)

    Amidst all the hyped up major releases last year, you may have missed an odd little gem known as Retro Game Challenge. I still occasionally see copies of it huddled together, peering longingly from th

  • [NSFW] Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Walkthrough

    An entertaining, incredibly helpful, and beefy video walkthrough of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney for the Nintendo DS.

  • The Dark Spire (DS)

    David Bowie does make a guest appearance, after all, as mandated by Japanese constitutional law.

  • DSi XL

    Breaking news, everyone. Nintendo has confirmed that they are releasing the DSi XL, a version of the DSi with much larger screens. Specifically, the screens are 1.9 times larger than a normal DSi, wh

  • Gamer Girlfriend: Cate West and the Vanishing Eyesight

    OK, I admit it, it’s been a long time since I played my DS. I’m not entirely sure why—I just lost the urge to play at some point. It might have happened sometime around the end of my Animal Crossing phase, or perhaps in the middle of my Diner Dash phase. At any rate, I stopped using it, and didn’t pick it up again for about eight months.