• Final Fantasy…With Lyrics

    Here’s a video that I had on my mind most of the time I was playing Final Fantasy VI.

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    Behind the Scenes: The REAL Gamer2Gamer Review of Final Fantasy

    When videogames are ported from one system to another, sometimes things are changed or added or taken out, for better or for worse; the same holds true for when videogame reviews are ported from an In

  • [NSFW] Gamer2Gamer: Final Fantasy

    Howdy, hello, and welcome to "Gamer2Gamer." What we're talking about today is Final Fantasy. Not the remake, not the remake OF the remake, and not the upcoming remake of that....

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    FFIX Mini-Review

    I got a PS2 recently, and I picked up a copy of Final Fantasy IX from the library soon afterwards. I meant to talk about it on the podcast, but never got around to it. So I'm posting my thoughts on F

  • GC Podcast #6: It’s Lizo!

    This edition of The GameCola Podcast features Michael Gray, Elizabeth Medina-Gray, Zach Rich, and Paul Franzen.

  • Final Fantasy XII (PS2)

    Bounty hunters, an evil empire, and a young, unsuspecting hero who unwittingly gets caught up in the action. And it all happened in a world far, far away...in a land called Ivalice. "Wait a minute," y

  • Final Fantasy VI Advance (GBA)

    Final Fantasy Sucks is a game I got because everyone says it's the greatest game ever. Or maybe they mean Final Fantasy Four. Final Fantasy Five? I can't keep these crappy games straight. Unfortunatel

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    Feeling Dirty

    The other day I thought I would finally play Final Fantasy X (never got around to it in college) and was rather looking forward to sinking my teeth into a nice RPG. An hour later.... I fell asleep. I

  • Digital Championship Wrestling: Diablo vs. a Chocobo

    Welcome, gamefans all across this great globe, to another enthralling edition of Digital Championship Wrestling! I'm Paul Franzen here at ringside, and with me, in more way than one, is "Captain" Eric Regan.

  • The Final Fantasy Legend (GB)

    I've always hated Final Fantasy Legend. As a lover of RPGs, I've tried to play this game a number of times, but I've never been able to beat it. Even compared to 7th Saga, this game is difficult for