• Be Careful What You Search For #99

    If crude MS Paint drawings are frowned upon by your place of business, don't click this link!

  • Super Bowl XLIX Predictions

    I fired up my copy of Tecmo Super Bowl for the NES and set up a CPU vs. CPU match to predict the results.

  • Blood Bowl: Chaos Edition (PC)

    Do you like Football? Neither do we, but we like this game anyway.

  • Madden NFL ’94 (SNES)

    I don't know what it was with 1994, but it sure ushered in some great sports games (well, technically, it was 1993 when the games came out, for the 1994 season). People were getting used to the Wall b

  • Gamera Obscura: X The Ball


  • Jerry Rice & Nitus’ Dog Football Comes Out TODAY

    Why isn’t anyone making a bigger deal out of this?! You get to play football with dogs! And…clowns! And girls in hula skirts! And you get to dress up your pups in little frilly outfits and do a jig in a kilt and attack snowmen and WHAT IS GOING ON IN THIS GAME I DON’T … Continue reading "Jerry Rice & Nitus’ Dog Football Comes Out TODAY"

  • Puppy Bowl: The Game?

    Last night at the Consumer Electronics Show, NFL Hall-of-Famer Jerry Rice debuted his new videogame about dogs playing football, which comes with a dog-bone controller, and there is nothing about thi

  • What the Crap?: Silly Sports Scarcity

    I know there isn't much sports chatter here @ GameCola, but sports games are a great chance for non-athletic types to juke, putt, dunk, slide tackle, punch, headbutt...whatever your taste may be. In the olden days, sports games weren't simulations; they were what started the idea of "arcade" style, meaning you could sit down with a group of people and play a sport in an unrealistic and fun way, but still stay true to the basic nature of the sport's rules. There's not really that many videogames that do this anymore, and I don't understand why. Such games have a wide audience of both sports fans and multiplayer-game fans, and they're so damn fun to play. If you want a realistic sports game, just watch a real-life sport!

  • Gamera Obscura: Go! Go! Beckham: Adventure on Soccer Island

    Have you heard of that fancy sporting event known as "football"?

  • Tecmo Super Bowl (NES)

    The silly football action will never leave us.