• [NSFW] Spec Ops: The Line (PC)

    Robyn plays a deconstruction of military shooters and...doesn't have a good time, but experiences a powerful story.

  • Videogames: No Longer Exempt From Ridicule

    MST3K tackles Sonic 2008, Mega Man 8 and more.

  • 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand (X360)

    When Curtis James Jackson, better known as 50 Cent, turned down the role of Carl Johnson in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, he said "I only voice myself in videogames." Well, I can't think of any video

  • Shadow Complex (X360-XBLA)

    Shadow Complex is one of those titles that shouldn't be on Xbox Live Arcade. I'm not saying it's not good enough; nuh-uh, no way. I'm saying it's too good for XBLA—it makes everything else in the li

  • Are You Game?: Xbox 360

    The Xbox 360 has been alive and kicking for over two years now since November 2005. Yes, it's really been that long. That’s a lot of titles, and there have been more than a couple of misfires. It happens, but the key to life is knowing when not to step on a landmine, or, in this case, when not to drop your hard-earned cash on a developer’s sorry ass attempt at entertaining you (or a console that has a replacement rate higher than 16+%). So this article is for you. Here are the top ten Xbox 360 games since the console was released. This is your guide to cutting the crap and sticking to the pure essentials before you know full well what a "red ring of death" truly means. This is the measure of your game-itude, as all 10 of these titles should be on your shelf with no exceptions. Unless you have no thumbs—I guess that’s an exception.

  • Gears of War (X360)

    Wow.Generally, I'm not one for shooters. They've gotten a little passé. No one really seems to be breaking new ground in the genre, storylines (with a few exceptions) are tacked on, voice acting is c