• Goodnight Sweet Prince

    Activision finally pulled the plug on one of my favorite series. Starting with Guitar Hero III, Activision and Neversoft have been behind the helm of this illustrious and long-winded series of games. I'm going to miss Guitar Hero.

  • Green Day: Rock Band (X360)

    Rock Band titles have always been moderately superior to the competition, showing a layer of varnish and shimmer that is lost in Guitar Hero's latex and bondage gear. That doesn't mean the competition

  • DJ Hero (X360)

    Another Hero game? Do I even have the time for all of these? Although it is a Hero title, do not confuse this game with that awful monetary spinner, Guitar Hero: Van Halen, which contains the worst so

  • Phase (iPod)

    If you've been paying attention over the past nine months, GameCola Faithful, you have realized that I have an almost fanboyish obsession with two big game developers: Rare, whose upcoming Banjo-Kazoo