• Mid-Boss: Why Bad Series Stay Bad

    Recently, Mid-Boss visited a game store in town and encountered an ex-girlfriend of his. Pleasant greetings were exchanged and things ran smoothly—until it emerged that the reason she had entered the establishment in the first place was to pre-order Nintendo’s new DSi handheld.

  • Mid-Boss: Biggest Disappointments in Gaming

    During his extensive life of gaming, Mid-Boss has had more than his fair share of disappointments. Primarily, his dissatisfaction has grown from an excess of hype or foolish enthusiasm toward games that turned out completely unworthy of the esteem forced upon them.

  • Mid-Boss: The Cost of XBLA Games

    The contents of Mid-Boss’ base of operations are largely classified—however, Mid-Boss is begrudgingly allowing you to learn that he owns a computer with an excellent Internet connection. Accordingly, Mid-Boss spends a lot of time investigating the various gaming forums—and he is frequently bemused by what he finds.

  • Mid-Boss: Nintendo and its Fanboys

    The more loyal GameCola readers (Mid-Boss likes to call them “Sodies”) may remember him. They may still fear him. They should, for Mid-Boss has returned to strike where he is least welcome. With a false sense of security you have journeyed through, only for Mid-Boss tostrike and wear you down, depleting your valuable resources.

  • Mid-Boss: The Nintendo DS

    Haha! You miserable fools thought you had defeated Mid-Boss! But it looks like I got my second wind, and now your time is up! This month, Mid-Boss would like to assault your pathetic craft with his br

  • Mid-Boss: Nintendo Licensing Out Its Games

    Mid-Boss is angry, and demands your attention. There is an annoying trend developing within Nintendo and it MUST stop NOW.

  • [NSFW] Mid-Boss: Hardcore Gamers vs. “The Mainstream”

    You'd think that the game distributors would do something to make their titles stand out from the crowd, but—here's the thing—they don't.