• GC Podcast #17: Casting Our Own Pods

    Hello, everyone. Paul here, hosting and editing the latest edition of "The GameCola Podcast," because...because...actually, I'm not sure how I got saddled with this.

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    Tidings of Things to Come

    Good news, all: We recorded another podcast this week, and we might just have it ready for you before the end of the month so that our commentary is still relevant. Maybe. Assuming Michael doesn't edi

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    New Version of GameCola Is Finally Here!

    Oh, wait, did you think I was talking about the GameCola website? No no no. I meant the GameCola YouTube channel. (Heh heh.) Yep, YouTube finally forced everybody into switching over to the new channel format, and there are some definite pros and cons about the whole situation:

  • Farewell to Mario

    Sad news: Captain Lou Albano, famous for his work with musician Cyndi Lauper, his career as a participant and manager in the world of wrestling, and his role as Mario on The Super Mario Bros. Super S

  • GC Podcast #13: The Unlucky Podcast

    In this edition of "The GameCola Podcast," Michael Gray, Michael Ridgaway, Zach Rich, and Nathaniel Hoover discuss:The new GameColaSave Points : good or bad?People are more excited for re-releases tha

  • Issue 1-1 Tribute

    GameCola, in its original form, was a monthly online newsletter. This feature plays tribute to the very first edition of GameCola by mimmicking its format and content, with all new articles published

  • Pong (ARC)

    Before I begin this review, allow me to clear up a common misconception: Pong was not the first videogame ever made—that distinction goes to Super Mario Bros. 2. Let me also preface my review with

  • Flash Flood: Mega Man Versus Everyone Else

    Duels to the death are dangerous.

  • GC Podcast #12: Cap’n Eric

    This edition of "The GameCola Podcast" features Michael Gray, Michael Ridgaway, Colin Greenhalgh, Nathaniel Hoover, Paul Franzen, and Captain Eric Regan, and it's our E3 2009 wrap-up.

  • The Operative: No One Lives Forever (PC)

    Suppose you are a spy who needs to infiltrate an enemy base that is teeming with villainous Germans. I know, it's hard to picture Germans as the bad guys, but work with me here. Now, suppose you come