• Spewer (Browser)

    Remember Super Meat Boy? It's kind of like that. Probably because it's made by the same guy.

  • A Walk in the Dark (PC)

    In case you don't already know how awesome kitties are.

  • Poor Player’s Paradise: Because We May

    A look at deals on Kickstarter, Indie Games, and a free tabletop game knock-off.

  • The 2010 GameCola Videogame Awards

    GameCola's favorite games from 2010! Please don't make fun of us.

  • Super Tofu Boy is a Thing

    That sure didn't take long. About a month after Super Meat Boy was released for XBLA, PETA made it the target for its latest parody Flash game. PETA, the organization that tried to convince people to start calling fish "sea kittens," is no stranger to ridiculousness or videogame parodies. You may remember that they've previously released a parody of Cooking Mama in which the eponymous "Mama" is a bloodthirsty maniac, and a parody of Mario called Super Chick Sisters, in which you need to rescue Pamela Anderson from Colonel Sanders (I'm serious).

  • Gish (PC)

    Bloody physics. They're everywhere. I eat a sandwich? Physics. I go for a crap? Physics. I construct a complex system of weights and pulleys? Physics! And now, as if we don't all have to put up with

  • Super Meat Boy Loves the 90s

    The latest trailer for the indie platformer Super Meat Boy comes to us straight from the mad men of the 1990s, complete with deranged spirals, eyeballs, shouting, and the promised destruction of y