• [NSFW] Road Avenger (SCD)

    The next exciting chapter in the Travis Combs island saga.

  • [NSFW] Creature Shock (SAT)

    Warning: This game will literally destroy your Sega Saturn.

  • [NSFW] Policenauts (SCD)

    A game that was ahead of its time, both in content and the use of the -naut suffix in the name.

  • The 2012 GameCola Videogame Awards (Part 1)

    Dipping back into the mainstream.

  • [NSFW] Lunacy (SAT)

    How could anyone hate this terrible game?

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    [NSFW] Deadly Premonition (X360)

    I'd give anything to un-play this game, just to play it again for the first time.

  • [NSFW] Three Dirty Dwarves (SAT)

    This game is what I like to call an "If only..."

  • [NSFW] Alien vs. Predator (JAG)

    One of the first consoles I bought for myself (as opposed to getting it for Christmas or my birthday) was an Atari Jaguar. Why? Fuck if I know. I just had to be the kid getting something other than the actual, you know, good systems that were available at the time. I had to be different, and apparently a bit of a dipshit. So I hit up the nickle ads (what Internet? It was 1994) and found a guy selling one with a handful of games for $300. It came with Cannon Fodder, Brutal League Football, Iron Soldier, Super Burnout (a shitty motorcycle game), Val d’lsere Skiing and Snowboarding (wait…what?), Cybermorph and, of course, the crown jewel: Aliens vs. Predator. Jesus Christ, what a fucking horrible lineup of games. Those are all almost universally garbage. I could pick up that whole goddamn package for a five spot and a no-swallow blowjob. What the fuck was Atari thinking? But I digress.

  • [NSFW] Jurassic Park (SCD)

    If you’re reading this, I’m just a scientist. I’m no goddamn superhero or bulked-up super-soldier. I was just flying over Jurassic Park, looking to do some research after the horrible events of that mediocre movie and its two shitty sequels. Then, my helicopter crashed. I’ll have to go into the mansion outside Raccoon Ci—wait, hold up, wrong helicopter crash, wrong game.

  • [NSFW] Dante’s Inferno & God of War III (PS3)

    Knock, knock. The door opens slowly. A young man stands at the doorway, hat in hand. "Yes?" "Are you...Kratos?" "Yes, who are you?" At this the young man rushes into Kratos, throwing his arms around h