• Gamer Girlfriend: Thoughts for a Rainy Afternoon

    It’s weird how things change. I was recently looking back over the archives of "Gamer Girlfriend," which date back to early 2008, and I was surprised to notice a gradual but distinct progression in the way my column has evolved over the years. Originally, it was about the crazy antics and wacky misadventures of Mike, my own dear “Gamer in Residence,” and the trials and tribulations that came from first dating, and then living with him. After a while, it was about my own tentative forays in the gaming world. “Reflections on Grand Theft Auto IV” was followed with a cute story about how I acquired my pink DS and very first game cartridges (Animal Crossing and Cooking Mama). Then came Kingdom Hearts, the first “real” game I ever played by myself. From then on, my column became increasingly focused on the games I was playing, and somewhat less on the games Mike was into.

  • GC Podcast #24: In Which Paul Gives Mike Ridgaway a Brain Aneurysm

    In this installment, Paul defends his love of Indiana Jones 4, much to Mike's chagrin, Paul defends his opinions of EarthBound, also to Mike's chagrin, Paul describes his attempts to play Icewind Dale, once again to Mike's chagrin, and much more!

  • Gamer Girlfriend: Lessons in Gaming

    OK, I’ll come out and say this right up front: I realize that it’s been a while. Thus far, our bearded taskmaster has been generous (or maybe just forgetful) enough to overlook the fact that I haven’t contributed a new column since last June.

  • Off-Topic Podcast #2: Giant Squid Scenes

    Come listen to all the topics that were TOO GOOD for the actual podcast!

  • GC Podcast #22: Grab Bag

    The latest GameCola Podcast—featuring hugs, tears, depression, and love—has just been released.

  • [NSFW] GC Podcasts #14-15 on YouTube: We Are (Still) Drama Queens

    Paul, Matt, the Cap'n, Vangie, and Michael steal each other's boyfriends, work dopey jobs, buy fabric, go to the opera, do their hair...

  • GC Podcast #20: Something New

    We've just finished Podcast #20: Something New. It's the first GameCola podcast recorded in 2010, and the first podcast made specifically for the new GameCola website. Woo hoo! Joining us on the podc

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    Avenue Flo (Mac)

    Flo to the Rescue! OK, I'll admit it up front: I enjoyed Avenue Flo. To be fair, though, it's the kind of game I can't help but take to. Cute animation, quirky humor, reasonably difficult puzzles, a d

  • GC Podcast #19: Now Leaving the Year 200X

    Welcome to the last GameCola Podcast of 2009, folks. It’s been a hell of a (or maybe just hellish) year, and we here at GameCola celebrate by looking back at some of our favorite games from ’09 and by looking ahead at what 2010 has in store. Enjoy, and from all of us here at … Continue reading "GC Podcast #19: Now Leaving the Year 200X"

  • Dear Readers: Gamebeard

    Mike: Hey Vangie, remember when we used to write for that site? You know, the one with the guy with the beard…actually a lot of the guys had beards…Gamebeard! That was it!