• [NSFW] GC Podcast #15: We Are (Still) Drama Queens

    Greetings, GameCola fans! For those of you afraid that GameCola was truly dead, fear not! We are only in a hibernative state while the new site comes online. Think of it as a coccoon, except instead o

  • [NSFW] GC Podcast #14: We Are Drama Queens

    Hi everyone! We have a special treat for you in this podcast. This time around we have GameCola staff members Paul Franzen, Captain Eric, Mike Ridgaway, Matt Gardner, and Vangie Rich all together (in

  • Gamer Girlfriend: The One Game I Will Never Play

    OK, so for anyone who knows me, it’s probably pretty apparent that the title of this article is something of a misnomer. The truth is, there are many games that I will never play, including first-person shooters, survival horror games, and anything that involves lots of timed minigames (I really hate that obnoxious little counter, always ticking down, mocking me as I try to perform its twisted little tasks).

  • Gamer Girlfriend: Cate West and the Vanishing Eyesight

    OK, I admit it, it’s been a long time since I played my DS. I’m not entirely sure why—I just lost the urge to play at some point. It might have happened sometime around the end of my Animal Crossing phase, or perhaps in the middle of my Diner Dash phase. At any rate, I stopped using it, and didn’t pick it up again for about eight months.

  • Dream Chronicles: The Chosen Child (MAC)

    Well, it's official. After more than a year of writing for GameCola, I am finally attempting (gasp!) my first actual game review! Truly, this is a momentous occasion. I mean, I've definitely reviewed

  • Gamer Girlfriend: The Tables are Turning

    Well, it’s officially happened. After two and a half years of dating, I have finally succeeded in finding a videogame that annoys my gamer boyfriend as much as he hath done unto me. Incredible, I know. I honestly never thought it would happen, but here we are.

  • Gamer Girlfriend: Virtual Cheating

    Here’s a question for all you seasoned gamers out there: In the world of videogaming, where are the hypothetical “lines in the sand” with respect to sportsmanship and fair play? In other words, what does (or does not) constitute, well, cheating?

  • Gamer Girlfriend: Shut Up, Ted

    Warning: The following article may include gratuitous use of italics and/or parenthetical statements. By reading it, you agree that you are assuming responsibility for your own risk and will not sue t

  • Gamer Girlfriend: Have Patience with Pokémon

    I think at this point, it goes without saying that dating a gamer requires a certain amount of patience. You need patience, for example, when he disappears into a game for hours on end, leaving you to amuse yourself by, say, doing the dishes.

  • Quantum Geek: Episode 10 – An Unsettling Turn of Events

    Barbie Horse Adventures proved to be more challenging than Tom had thought it would be. Granted, he'd never actually played the game before (though he had grudgingly admitted to Rick that he had—onc