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The site design looks like something from the 90s.

– Megha

Eric: What’s wrong with the 90s? It was some good times!


Dammit Paul, why do you accept that freak Father Time’s submissions?

– Eric

Paul: Because they’re wildly entertaining! I just wish someone would write a fanfiction about me….

Father Time is awesome! Especially if he is a real person and not a virtual idoru like I think he might be. BTW, I didn’t mean to piss off Matt about what I said about my article rating and stuff…I was just trying to say that River City the movie should not exist. In my own very egotistical way….

– Gina

Versus Mode

What you can’t see about my hoodie in that picture is that I’m wearing Mickey Mouse!

– Gina

Yes, yes you are irresistible, both of you. Oh and I think there are girls that like gamer guys because we’re fuckin’ push overs and they like having the control…but that’s just my two cents =P

– Cuddly Colin

Gina: Well, gamer boys are pushovers if you’re comparing yourselves to Jocks with Big Cock Syndrome…but that’s like saying, “If I were a bigger asshole than I would have more control over my pathetic life.” That’s bullshit. I know plenty of controlling men who still don’t get anywhere with their ladies. And in the end, all its really about is having the final say with most people…live and let die.

Pretty in Pixels

I actually laughed at this one. For good cause, you are probably hooked into the gaming industry and can find me a sweet position at Midway or something.

– Gina

Jamie: The sad part is, for all the hours I’ve put in…I am not even going to GDC 🙁

Check the news for Icarus Studios/Fallen Earth, though; we have 60 press releases scheduled.

Christian’s review of Quarth

Wasn’t this game reviewed last month?

– Gina

Christian: Don’t think so…. Gradius was—that’s kinda close. Close in that it has a spaceship that shoots things.

Alex’s review of Secret of Evermore

A little sad how nice you were for this little game…but I was very impressed with how thorough you were with this review. Thanks for sharing.

– Gina

Alex: Actually, I rewrote some of it because I took off too many points for majorly copying Secret of Mana. It was originally a 5, but I decided to be a bit less bias and gave it a better score on graphics and fun.

Maybe the fun didn’t really deserve it… But, the graphics did.

It makes me a little sad that I played both this and Secret of Mana (which was even one of my favorite games!) and never noticed how similar they are. Just look at the attack meter, for God’s sake!

– Paul

Matt F.’s review of Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee

I never had the chance to play Abe’s Odyssey and now I have reason to pick it up, although I’m interested in how really difficult it is to play on PlayStation…although I’m sure I’ll have to use Amazon to even find any version of it.

– Gina

Great review Matt. I loved the Odd games, even up until the Xbox versions. Even though Stranger’s Wrath was my favorite, I still have a massive soft spot for Abe’s Odyssey.

– Travis

Travis’ review of 007: Agent Under Fire

Wow! I never had so much not playing a game and making fun of it in all my days. Thank you.

– Gina

I got sick of this game by the time I got to Fire and Water. And Bond’s voice and face are fucked up

– Matt F.

Travis: Thanks Matt. I appreciate the support. Yes, this game sucks. Horribly.

Steve’s review of Cooking Mama

Since I’m going to cooking school in the fall and I believe one day I shall be a Copper Chef (I’ll never make Iron), my interest is piqued! So, does Mama teach you how to make a soufflé or quiche?

– Gina

I could use this game Im ntov ery good at cookcing

– Father Time

My favorite part of this game was unlocking the ability to cook ramen.

– Paul

Steve: I would’ve starved in college had I not unlocked that ability.

A.E.’s review of Clubhouse Games


state or quality of being novel, new, or unique.


of a new kind; different from anything seen or known before: a novel idea.

– Matt

Gina: WOW! That was a novel way of criticizing a gaming review. I’ve never seen anything like that before in all my days. It got a good review because the DS needs all the help it can get. It really does.

I played this game expecting it to be a bargain-bin-quality piece of crap, but it has quickly become one of the DS games I play the most. It’s surprisingly well made. So, I guess it’s kind of novel for a 42 parlor games-in-one game to actually be worth a damn.

– Christian

I’m gonna be honest here: While it may be true that it’s kinda novel to be playing these games with a stylus and on a touch screen, I have a really hard time buying that a collection of card games and such deserves such a high score for novelty. Maybe like a 6 or a 7 or so, but near-perfect? I don’t know.

Then again, I haven’t played the game.

– Paul

Maybe a 6 or 7, but only if there’s no other games like it. I already know of at least one game off the top of my head where you play cards using the touch screen. There is actually another collection of card games I know about, but that’s not out yet so really doesn’t matter at the moment. When it comes out, however, giving it a 9 in novelty is most likely going to be a bad move. I realize this game also has board games, which leads me to point out that a collection of board games was reviewed last month. By the same reviewer. With the same novelty score. I’m not completely denying the fact that 42 games in one with Wifi support can’t be novel, but again, 6 or 7 when there’s already similar stuff that exists.

The way the ratings system works is, you have to compare games to other games on the same system, AND games of the same sort of genre. For example, you can’t give one game a 1 in graphics and another game a 10 because the former game is for NES and the latter for PS3. You also can’t give two near exact same games 10s in novelty because they occur on different systems. For example, a game where you play chess on the DS might get some extra novelty score because there’s no other ones on the DS and the touch screen use works rather well for chess. It can’t get something like 9 or 10, unless there’s something insanely special about it, because there’s already something like 5000 chess games for other systems.

Again, things are not almightily novel simply because they have touch screen involvement. Pretty much everything on the DS has touch screen involvement. Things on Wii are not novel simply because they use a Wiimote, either, just like PS3 games aren’t novel for using a controller. It’s HOW the game makes use of its controls that can contribute to its novelty. Contribute. The novelty of a game is in no way constituted entirely by how the game is played. A storyline that has never been done before is novel, and can also contribute to the score. Likewise, a game where you stop an evil dark wizard from conquering the world using only the might of several 16 year olds should lose some novelty score.

There has to be something that truly sets the game apart from other games for it to get a high novelty score. For a 9 or 10, the game damn well better be the most unique game ever.

So, when you are reviewing a game and thinking of its novelty score, it’s helpful to think “Hmm, have I played/seen anything like this before? I have? How many things have I seen like this?” etc.

– Matt

Paul’s review of Sam & Max Season 1, Episode 3: The Mole, The Mob and the Meatball

You enjoy the game’s sense of humor and dislike the fact it is STILL in 3D. Did I miss anything else? Oh wait, you did mention Curse of Monkey Island, which is basically the funniest game of all time.

– Gina

Just finished #2. Loved it. Moving on to this one probably this weekend.

– Christian

Whdy do you keep writng the same thing every motnh

– Father Time

Be Careful What You Search For

I may indeed Google the Yu-Gi-Oh porn wannabe sites!

– Gina


Cheat Codes for Life

RE: the pre-order, I just had the same thing happen. Pre-ordered a game from their Web site and didn’t get a gift when the game arrived. I e-mailed their customer service to find out what’s up, and within the week they mailed the gift to me at no extra cost. Good times!

– Paul

To be perfectly honest, I hope Steve’s wife never gives in and embraces “gaming as a way of life.”

Building a way of life around videogames is fucking scary. The world does not need more people who use terms like “spouse aggro.”

Now, if you’ll excuse me I need to stop wasting my time reading videogame related junk and get back to chatting with this REAL LIFE girl. Her heart meter is almost full.

– Matt

Steve: I think you’ll probably get your wish, Matt. Until developers whip up a solitaire-based MMO or a 40 hour epic Tetris RPG, it’s just not going to happen.

testgame.exe: Making the Adventure

WOWIE! This is a really fun game! I just can’t figure out how to get that darned knife out of the gumball machine! But anywho, when I do figure it out, which will probably be never, I’ll let you know! I have to admit…the game is challenging and fun, although the inside humor I think sometimes takes a little bit away from things but otherwise, good show, can’t wait to play more.

– Gina

Games for the Casual Gamer

Oh sigh. Your reading week sounds amazing. My “reading week” consists of a Wednesday and a Thursday, during which professors inevitably decide to schedule make-up classes anyway. This does not compute.

– Lizo

Top of the Heap

Hey I could USE af ew of these games!

– Father Time

Christian: Well, you’re in luck. Many of them are still made and can still be purchased new. If you happen to be interested in Bronkie specifically, you can call this number to order it: 1-800-243-5864.

No kidding.

The Poor Player’s Paradise

Naruto rulz! And I am an anime freak!

– Gina

Hmm, site seems to be down. Must be the link from GameCola is overloading the servers with visitors. Yup…that must be it.

– Christian

Naruto scares me even more than Inuyasha does. Which is a lot.

– Eric

Link’s Burden: Time to Save the World Again

Links Burden is without adoubt my favorite non-Eric article!!

– Father Time

The Gates of Life

Stop killing Spoonlad, damn you!

– Paul

Digital Championship Wrestling

Eric whos gonna be in the iq uti match??

– Father Time

… of the Month

Oh, I make crap on CafePress all the time. Though it’s usually just to give my cousin a gross Goatse teddy bear or something. How about a bumper sticker that says”7 is ABOVE average!” and our URL under it? It’s a start. Or a calendar with all of us in sexy poses. My psycho-looking face on the crotch of a thong, perhaps? I like that one.

– Christian

Matt: That is the best idea I’ve ever heard in the history of GameCola merchandise. I’m going to have to make someone make that happen.


Cooking Mama


– Paul Franzen

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