• The Professor Layton Series in the U.S.

    Will the fourth Professor Layton game EVER make it out of Japan?

  • The 3DS Comes Out Tomorrow!

    Are...you...ready?! Have you made all the necessary preparations? Did you hire a homeless man to hold your place in line? Do you have a cup ready for your eyeballs to leak out into, when they're ravag

  • New Videogame Releases for the Week of March 20, 2011

    The Sims Medieval, Dissidia 012: Duodecim Final Fantasy, Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime, Crysis 2, Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars, PlayStation Move Heroes, and more.

  • PAX East 2011 Impressions

    Another PAX East is in the books and, despite only being there for one day, I was definitely able to see a lot of what was going on. Not the least of what was going on: lines, and lots of them. Here'

  • GameCola’s Live PAX East Coverage!

    That's right: GameCola contributors Mike Ridgaway and Christian Porter are LIVE right now at PAX East in Boston! Keep checking this post (or their Twitter feeds) over the next few days for live upda

  • The Lowdown on the 3DS

    The poorly-informed movie reviewer returns to GameCola, to tell us about the 3DS.

  • The 3DS Isn’t For Us

    Just like with the Kinect (and, arguably, the Wii) before it, the videogame industry wants to be absolutely crystal clear about one thing regarding the 3DS: it's not meant for us at all. It's not a v

  • [NSFW] Versus Mode: Friend Codes, The Last Story, Region Coding, and More

    GC writers Nathaniel Hoover and Meteo Xavier discuss whether Friend Codes need to go away, The Last Story needs to be localized for the U.S., the 3DS needs to be region-free, and more.

  • The L/ate List Apocalyptic [NSFW]

    Everyone needs a muse in their life, I’ve come to discover. Really, a "support muse" is more accurate. A support muse is someone who not only inspires you, but supports your personal passion even if they don't really understand what it is that drives this passion so much. Like Olivia Newton John and her sisters in all their neon glory in the movie Xanadu. (If you get that reference you're officially fucking awesome, by the way.)

  • GC Podcast #33: 3D Games

    As 3D is making a triumphant comeback, the GameCola staff remains confused, since 3D games have been common for almost 20 years. Oh, THAT kind of 3D! Do you still need glasses for that stuff? Alex Jed