• Oh, the Humanity!: The Miles Edgeworth Files

    Welcome to "Oh, the Humanity!", the column that reviews various videogame-based spin-offs. Nobody's heard from this column for a while, because the old columnist, Zack Huffman, had to quit for the sake of his sanity. In fact, I'm told that he still weeps uncontrollably at the thought of videogame movies. Unfortunately, this means that the task of warning everyone about videogame-based horrors has fallen to me.

  • [NSFW] Videogames: The Reality

    The harsh realities behind eight popular games.

  • Urban Brawl: Action DooM 2 (PC)

    Action DooM 2 is an incredibly well-crafted piece of art, but it's also chock full of gameplay.

  • The Darkness (X360)

    Comic book stories tend to have a habit of being shit. I haven’t read a single issue of The Darkness, because I like comic books about as much as I like Michael McIntyre’s stand up “comedy.” Reading the plot summary was more than enough proof that it doesn’t appeal to me at all. I’ve never … Continue reading "The Darkness (X360)"

  • Sprite Flicker: Mega Man Is Falling for You

    Mega Man discovers that Dr. Cossack's citadel is the pits.

  • Fabricated News: Sonic the Hedgehog on iTunes

    I have some weird news today, folks.  The people at Archie Comics were so impressed by my columns about Josie and the Pussycats that they added "Fabricated News" to their list of official media out


    Top-tier actors, great script from a great comic book, great graphics.

  • Comix Zone (SG)

    I was warned about saying too many negative things in this review. Specifically, GameCola's own Allec Johnson (i.e., the guy who reviewed Bomberman right above this) explicitly stated that he would do