• Fan Art: Dead Cousin Ted

    Despite the rumors, we do still have fans!

  • Mid-Boss: Videogame Humour

    Sorry, turns out there's no such thing.

  • Night of the Meteor Trailer is a Thing of Beauty

    OK, so granted—this video first came out in March of this year. But this is the first time I've seen it, and if there's an adventure game trailer that I'm only just hearing about now, I'm guessing

  • Hector: Badge of Carnage, Episode 1: We Negotiate With Terrorists (iPhone)

    Hector: Badge of Carnage is shaping up to be a fine series indeed. The first episode, We Negotiate With Terrorists, is a hilarious parody of traditional point-and-click adventure games such as The Sec

  • Ceville (PC)

    To help re-create the frustrating experience that was playing the 2009 point-and-click adventure game Ceville, I'd like to– Ugh. Not this again. OK , I restarted my PC, and reloaded my article. Phew

  • Carbonated News: E3 2009 Preview

    Welcome to "Carbonated News," the column where I take news stories from other Web sites and burp them back at you. This month, the focus is on the Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3), which will be h

  • Day of the Tentacle (PC)

    So, we move onward in the fantastic library of LucasArts' point ‘n' click games and come to something of an oddity in the pack. It's a half-sequel to the original Maniac Mansion, but Day of the Ten

  • Digital Championship Wrestling: Simon Belmont vs. Purple Tentacle

    Howdy everyone, and welcome once again to Digital Championship Wrestling! I'm Paul Franzen alongside "Captain" Eric Regan, and on the heels of that EPIC Sonic vs. Bowser matchup we've got, for you, yet ANOTHER AMAZING DREAM MATCH!

  • The GameCola Interview: Denny Delk

    Denny Delk portrayed Murray the Talking Skull in the Monkey Island series, King Otar Fenris III in King's Quest VII, Hoagie and all the various tentacles in Day of the Tentacle, the narrator in Rogue Squadron 2 and 3, Wicket in the Ewoks animated series, and loads upon loads of other characters you can read about at IMDB.