• Fabricated News: Ness Arrested

    Videogames are a horrible influence on today's youth, because children recklessly try to imitate them. Our hospitals are filled with countless youngsters who have been jumped on by Mario-wannabes, hit

  • Fabricated News: Netflix Streaming Cartridge

    Do you like to watch movies? Do you like the Internets? Do you like watching movies via the Internets? Do you like watching movies via the Internets via your videogame consoles, via loading a DVD/Blu-

  • GameCola’s E3 Application

    GameCola's application to GDC was rejected this year, but we still decided to send an application to E3. After all, it says on E3's registration page that "Free admission to the exhibit floor is available to qualified industry professionals who register and submit their industry credentials by May 3, 2010." Qualified professionals? That totally includes GameCola, am I right?

  • Fabricated News: More Josie and the Pussycats

    "Fabricated News" has a weird standing as a journalistic enterprise. The Game Developers' Conference doesn't recognize this column as "real" journalism, and neither does E3 (more on that in a future a

  • Fabricated News: Back to the Future 4 in Development

    Recently, a lot of old series have restarted after a 10+ year break. Star Wars. Indiana Jones. Alvin and the Chipmunks. Even The A-Team, which had a successful opera run in summer 2008.  The trend o

  • Yet Another New DS

    On March 23rd, Nintendo (presumably embarrassed about their poor showing at GDC 2010) announced that they're planning yet another version of the DS. This makes at least four different kinds of DSes, a

  • Fabricated News: Zelda Wii Exists.

    Zelda fans have been getting increasingly anxious about Wii Zelda. After all, the last console Zelda game was Twilight Princess in 2006, and it's now 2010. Sure, there have been two installments of T

  • GDC 2010: Day Five

    It's the last day of the Game Developers Conference this year. Not too much news broke, because the big event was the Game Career Seminar, where they open the doors to the public (but mainly students) who are hoping to get jobs in the gaming industry.

  • GDC 2010: Day Four

    t's Day Four of GameCola's continuing coverage of the Game Developers Conference 2010! So far, the conference has been dominated by Microsoft and Sony, and people have been wondering if Nintendo has anything exciting to show.

  • GDC 2010: Day Three

    The Game Developers Conference finally got underway today. The biggest topic for discussion was The PlayStation Move, which is now the official name for Sony's new motion-sensor controller. There wer