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    GDC 2010: Day Two

    Day Two of the Game Developers Conference was nothing but seminars, just like Day One. I'm reeeally tempted to end my article here because writing about seminars I've never attended is pretty boring,

  • GDC 2010: Day One

    It's Day One of the Game Developers Conference. As you probably already know, we were not allowed to attend the conference as members of the press, but we can still report on what happened, by jingo!

  • Fabricated News: Registering for GDC 2010

    The Game Developers Conference is being held in San Francisco next week. I'm the only GameCola staff member on the West Coast, and I'm the main news guy for some unknown reason, so I decided to regist

  • Fabricated News: New Videogame Releases for Week 4

    The last week of the month is here, and it couldn't have come any sooner, by jingo. I'm running out of ways to make jokes about videogames I've never heard of before, after doing this column for thre

  • Fabricated News: Sonic the Hedgehog 4

    Wow, for a guy who has never played a Sonic the Hedgehog game in his life, I sure write a lot of articles about the series! Anyway, I have received breaking news on the latest Sonic game, which was r

  • Fabricated News: New Videogame Releases This Week

    More videogames were released this week, which means it's time for the third installment of our weekly wrap-up! So far this month, week one was pretty good with a few clunkers and week two was mostly

  • Fabricated News: Mega Man VS Rock Man

    You might not know it, but I went to Capcom headquarters last week to bug them about making Duck Tales 3. Security hauled me out of the building (again), but not before I managed to steal a copy of M

  • Fabricated News: Sonic the Hedgehog on iTunes

    I have some weird news today, folks.  The people at Archie Comics were so impressed by my columns about Josie and the Pussycats that they added "Fabricated News" to their list of official media out

  • Fabricated News: New Videogame Releases This Week

    There were more videogames released this week, which means we here at "Fabricated News" are contractually obligated to guess what the games are about, based solely on their titles. How many weeks will

  • Fabricated News: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

    If you've been paying attention to the real news lately, you'll know that the US military is selling $6 billion worth of weapons to Taiwan.   China isn't happy about this, because they're worried th