• Eternal Legacy (iPhone)

    Spoilers. Lysty dies at the hands of her father, Magnate Frey, who is possessed by an evil spirit called Moon. Now we can all go home. Good night. Copy/Paste, Edit Eternal Legacy is a linear, dull, m

  • [NSFW] Slice HD (iPad)

      When I was a little girl, my dad took my little hand in his, looked me affectionately in the eyes and said…”Holy shit you have some serious workman hands! I’m gonna call you Stumpy!” It wasn’t the nickname I was hoping for, but the man had a point. My hands have never been the … Continue reading "[NSFW] Slice HD (iPad)"

  • Sparkle HD (iPad)

    You know those moments on public transport when a greasy, fat, mentally ill lady waddles up the aisle and parks her massive arse on the seat next to you, causing your face to become pressed up against