• Quantum Geek: Episode 20 – In Which a Banana Pun Is Very Carefully Avoided

    Rick was aghast, though not for reasons one would think. Yes, he was extremely worried about his friends stuck in his creation and could do nothing but watch as his they struggled through the games, but that seemed like a distant memory now. Tom was waltzing his way through The Secret of Monkey Island, completely ignoring all of the puzzles, and it was working. As a child Rick had spent days trying to figure out where to use every item and clicking on each and every object on screen just in case it might be important, whereas Tom just reacted as he would in the real world (or at least, a completely fictional real world). Need a ship but Stan the Salesman is in the way? Knock him off the dock and steal it. Need a crew? Promise anyone who comes along they can have the ship when you’re done. Don’t know where you’re going? Just follow the obviously glowing outline of the ghost ship. At this moment, Rick both admired and hated Tom for his ingenuity.

  • GC Podcast #32: Crossover Games

    With the vaguely recent news about a Phoenix Wright/Professor Layton crossover, we here at GameCola had a podcast about crossover games!

  • A Very GameCola Wedding

    Hello all! So as some of you may have heard, I and Evangeline Rich of "Gamer Girlfriend" have tied the knot. The new Ms. Ridgaway has already posted a very lovely recap of the wedding and her feelings

  • GC Podcast #31: Metroid, or: Don’t Go Camping with Nathaniel

    This time, on The GameCola Podcast! Nathaniel Hoover, Mark Freedman, Michael Ridgaway, and Alex Jedraszczak join forces to discuss the entire Metroid series! And, this time, the people involved in the

  • I Want Nintendo to Build Me a PC

    I am in the middle of a major headache right now.About four and a half years ago, my brother and I built a computer for me from scratch. We used Newegg for the parts, and made sure that everything we

  • Quantum Geek: Episode 19 – X Marks the Plot

    Tom attempts to discover the secret of Monkey Island...or at least, the secret of what he's doing IN Monkey Island.

  • Metroid: Other M (Wii)

    ***ATTENTION: THIS REVIEW CONTAINS MINOR SPOILERS***Metroid: Other M is not terrible. It's not that great, either, but it's not terrible. It looks beautiful, and Team Ninja has done a great job rein

  • Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time

    Nobody likes a tease, and that's precisely why staff writers Michael Ridgaway and Michael Gray teased the world with a woefully incomplete run of Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time for

  • GC Podcast #28: A God Among Men

    In this edition of The GameCola Podcast, Michael Gray, Michael Ridgaway, Vangie Rich, Paul Franzen, and Elizabeth Medina-Gray discuss Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth, the Phoenix Wright s

  • Slumber Party Part Two (sort of) Released!

    Hey everyone, just wanted to let you know that the "We're Having a Slumber Party!" podcast has been appended to include more content. Rather than create a whole new podcast for the second part of our