• Localization Anxiety: Crash ‘n’ the Boys Street Challenge

    This time in Localization Anxiety, another game TOTALLY NOT about high schoolers beating each other during a sports competition!

  • Localization Anxiety: Kunio-kun no Nekketsu Soccer League

    Nintendo World Cup wasn't the only Kunio-kun soccer game!

  • Localization Anxiety: Nintendo World Cup

    Apparently this is a good season for Daniel to talk about the World Cup...Nintendo World Cup that is!

  • A Review Five Years in the Making

    And now, we finally know.

  • What the Crap?: Silly Sports Scarcity

    I know there isn't much sports chatter here @ GameCola, but sports games are a great chance for non-athletic types to juke, putt, dunk, slide tackle, punch, headbutt...whatever your taste may be. In the olden days, sports games weren't simulations; they were what started the idea of "arcade" style, meaning you could sit down with a group of people and play a sport in an unrealistic and fun way, but still stay true to the basic nature of the sport's rules. There's not really that many videogames that do this anymore, and I don't understand why. Such games have a wide audience of both sports fans and multiplayer-game fans, and they're so damn fun to play. If you want a realistic sports game, just watch a real-life sport!