• … of the Month: Go be on the GameCola Podcast, Already!

    What I want to do here today is give mad props to my boyz Michael Ridgaway and Michael Gray, who have thus far been a part of 100% of the podcasts that have been released. Or at least 100% of the podcasts I’ve listened to, if there have been more than two.

  • … of the Month: The NEW Gates of Life

    All right folks, I just have a couple things to clear up, and then I’ll let you be. I won’t even demand you post this month! Of course, you still have to post, but I’m not demanding it. Just do it. Or else.

  • … of the Month: Changing Passwords

    This month, instead of my usual, ultra-hilarious rantings, I bring to you a special message. A message that I hope serves as a reminder to young and old alike of what can happen if you aren't careful with your PSN account.

  • … of the Month: Paul Franzen

    Ever stop to think about where GameCola stands in relation to other online gaming publications? Automatically assume it’s at the bottom of the barrel, or do you consider it mid-to-upper-tier?

  • … of the Month: Paul Franzen in Soul Calibur

    Two months ago, I told you that I would create a special bonus for whoever won my custom character competition. I had a surprisingly huge amount of responses to this article, and I had a really tough time picking the winner. In the end, though, it was our Editor in Chief himself, Mr. Paul M. Franzen, who won the gold.

  • … of the Month: Paul Franzen!

    Paul is the winner! That's right, I've spent this entire month judging all of the entries into this illustrious competition, and our Editor in Chief himself, Mr. Paul M. Franzen, is the illustrious champion! Illustrious congratulations, Paul!

  • … of the Month: Custom Characters

    Games these days, particularly ones that have a multiplayer aspect (even more particularly ones with massively multiplayer aspects), are all about character customization.

  • … of the Month: PAIN Revisited

    Finally, a new level is going to come out for PAIN! It’s not out yet, to my knowledge…but sometime! Woo! More on that TK! This round we’re gonna start off with a question for you dudes to post the answer to: Why does TK mean “to come”? I have no idea, but it does. If you can explain it to me, please do so!

  • … of the Month: Special Guest Stars in Games

    Do you like guest characters in fighting games? Do you like guest characters in any genre of game? Do you just plain hate guest characters or crossovers in general?

  • … of the Month: Celebrity Gamelists

    Since we are now getting into the latest Web pop stuff (that actually gained popularity years ago) with the new GC Blog, I figured it’d be appropriate to come up with another original idea: Celebrity Gamelists. You know celebrity podcasts? Those things in the iTunes music store that tell you what Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson likes listening to (Eric Clapton and Elvis, incidentally). If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’ll explain in a minute. First I need (want, actually; this doesn’t add anything to my article) to give some back-story.