• … of the Month: More GameCola Merchandise Ideas

    OK, just for everyone’s info, there is now new GAMECOLA merchandise! Go check it out. Some of the ideas from last month have been used, such as the bumper sticker that says “7 is ABOVE average!” So congrats and thanks to anyone whose ideas were used.

  • … of the Month: Design Your Own GameCola Merchandise!

    That’s right lady and gentleman, it is time for you, the reader, to propose new ideas and the like for GameCola merchandise. I commented last month on the main page comments section about how the merchandise was getting a little stale. The newest thing ever there is pretty much a Loafy Carl t-shirt. I’m willing to bet no one here except for Neal and Paul even really knows what Loafy Carl is anymore. At the very least we should be adding some Pretty in Pixels stuff, since that seems to be our new monthly comic strip.

  • … of the Month: River City Rumble

    I refuse to say very much on this movie, as it has already stolen way too much of my life. …of the Month is usually short, anyway, so it shouldn’t matter to my loyal non-readers.

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    … of the Month: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Polls

    There aren’t going to be any radio buttons for you to click here. You will have to answer my questions in the COMMENTS section of this article. That’s right, once again …of the month is going to be a shameless attempt to get comments. The difference this time is this: I actually might give half a crap about what gets written in comments. I won’t do anything about it, of course, so don’t expect any sort of recognition for posting. Just do it anyway.

  • … of the Month: Games of the Year Nominations

    OK, I’ve been given some kind of task by Paul. I forget exactly what it was, since I was trying to pleasure myself to some kind of fetish porn or Care Bears or something whilst he was Instant Messaging me about it, but it has something to do with games that should be nominated (put on the ballot) for the yearly GameCola awards.

  • … of the Month: Mysterious Top 10 List

    10. The number 40: This is the number of things I bring around with me, so I don’t end up having to keep throwing stuff out when I get overburdened.

  • … of the Month: What’s up with all the 10s?

    I’ve been wondering about this for awhile, particularly back when the late, great Stu “Fancy 10s Mickey Mouse Boy” Gipp was still with us. Why are there so many 10s given out in reviews? Correct me if I’m wrong (which I’m not, so don’t bother correcting me), but I thought that, under the clearly defined ratings system of GameCola (carefully set out by the Edicheif himself), a 10 indicates that a game isabsolutely perfect in that category. If that’s true (which it is), then why are 10s more prevalent than bad jokes on Mad TV? To quote the late, great naked Abe Lincoln, “What the crap?”

  • … of the Month: Video Game Sequel Theory, Phase 2

    ToeJam and Earl have always been thugs. They will always remain thugs. They are the epitome of living the thug lyfe. With that said, this update on VGiST comes, yet again, with more questions than answers. Once again, I suggest people make use of the comments section if they have anything that could be added to this theory.

  • … of the Month: Video Game Sequel Theory, Phase 1

    I’m sure this isn’t the first time I am mentioning this, but it has again been brought to my attention while playing a certain game (Xenosaga Episode II), and I figured I would try and solidify my thoughts into a solid theory.

  • … of the Month: The Adventure Game Studios Forums

    So I've just recently discovered—after a whole year+ of using Adventure Game Studio to make testgame—that there's this whole community of people making adventure games with this software, and they're like…decent games! And I'm talking real old school adventure games too, the likes of King's Quest and Monkey Island, and such.