• … of the Month: Kenshin Dragon Quest

    Something you've never seen before—a game where you swing the controller like a sword!

  • [NSFW] … of the Month: Samurai 4’s “Surprise”

    Looks like Number 4 is when a series stops and asks, “why the hell not?”

  • … of the Month: Apps?

    How much of an impact do apps and social media games really have on the overall videogame universe?

  • [NSFW] … of the Month: Unsexy

    I thought to write an article chastising you all for being such terrible, terrible people for what I now refer to simply as W.C. 2011, but a few things have happened that have set me on a different course. One, it’s been months since that tragedy, and, as with any months-old tragedy, I’ve mostly forgotten about it. Two, I have something much more future-relevant I’d like to talk about.

  • … of the Month: Reviewing Hentai Games

    I've been wondering lately, over the last 17 months or so, what direction I should take my GameCola work in. You see, I've never been a huge fan of my reviews, finding a lot of them boring, among other things. So I thought, what have I done that's actually been interesting? And then it dawned on me: One of my most popular reviews of all time was of Jewel Knights Crusaders, a PC game in a...specific genre, which was given to me as a gift by our own Editor-in-Chief, Paul Franzen.

  • … of the Month: The (8001050F) PS3 Kill Switch.

    By the time you read this, I can only hope this horror is a fading memory. For now, however, I am suffering through truly the grimmest day in my gaming life. Without delving too deeply into my personal struggle, let me recap exactly what is going on.

  • Issue 1-1 Tribute

    GameCola, in its original form, was a monthly online newsletter. This feature plays tribute to the very first edition of GameCola by mimmicking its format and content, with all new articles published

  • … of the Month: Don’t be “That Guy”

    This may be a stretch, but I assume that a large percentage of our readers and writers are into videogames. That being so, I assume that, at one point or another, you’ve all run into gamers that have certain habits that just grind on your nerves whenever you play with them.

  • … of the Month: New PAIN Content

    Hey all! First off, thanks very much to everyone who supplied thoughtful feedback to my column last month. It was helpful to see everyone’s opinions on what should and shouldn’t be considered for a replay value score. In the future, I will definitely ask similar questions in this column, knowing that people are so responsive. Thanks again!

  • … of the Month: Replay Value

    What do ya’ll mean when you give games high scores for “replay value”? I’ve written a lot of reviews in my day, and I’ve wondered from time to time about exactly what it means to give a certain score in a certain category.