• … of the Month: More Minigames That Also Happen to be Stand-alone Games, for Example: Pong

    Request to Developers of the Month: More minigames that also happen to be stand-alone games, for example: Pong For example, Pong. Three simple words that started a revolution. It was August of 1967...

  • … of the Month: Unknown and Underappreciated

    Do you remember that commercial that came on the other day for that amazing new 9$ (That’s right, the dollar sign is after the 9. My mind says nine dollars, not dollars nine, and I’m tired of mindlessly lending my support to bullshit that is, quite frankly, OUT OF ORDER) game that you can only get by downloading it from the PlayStation online store? If you do, you probably also shit your pants every time you see a cop driving down the opposite side of the highway, because you are sure that he noticed the 15 dollars (15$) worth of marijuana you have stashed under the passenger seat, and it’s only a matter of time before he spins around and skids through the grassy (get it?) median to come after you.

  • … of the Month: New Year Content Drive [NSFW]

    All right. The premise is simple! This is the first normal issue of the new year, and I would like to know what direction the Franbase (see, I can make up Franzen-based buzzwords, too. BTW, 10 points to whoever makes up the best fan-centric buzzword based on the name of someone currently on staff. Ready?.... GO!) wants to see GameCola go in. I know there was that whole furry stir some months back, but I’m pretty sure Gina blacklisted us on all of the online furry communities, so it looks like nothing will come of that. A shame, really.

  • … of the Month: Ancient GameCola

    Whatever happened to Julie…Jenna….something or other who did a comic strip about a woman oppressed by the male game designers of the world? You know, the one with a naked picture of herself as her staff photo. Those comics were kind of amusing. More so than Loafy Carl. I know what happened to Loafy Carl, so I won’t ask about that.

  • … of the Month: Hellgate: London

    If you’ve ever played Hellgate: London, you probably balked at that. And I understand. Really, I do. But just hear me out. I know there is a plethora of glitches and other annoyances in Hellgate right now, but there is also a lot of potential! Even though I can't go through a single zone in that game without being warped back to the start, booted from the game, made invisible so that my party members can't see me, or just straight up crashed/frozen and forced into a hard reboot, I still keep playing. If a game can be so fun that you keep playing it even though you are inevitably going to run into a million annoyances that pretty much ruin the game, imagine how good it will be when they fix all of that!

  • … of the Month: What Keeps You Writing for GameCola?

    With the recent loss of Steve Hamner, coupled with the fact that I haven’t received a paycheck in the five years I've been here, I’ve been wondering: Why do our writers stay with us, here at GameCola? It’s completely voluntary (in most cases), and there is no monetary compensation for the work put in. Also, we save very few lives. so you can’t really even feel like a better human for having worked here (or can you?).

  • … of the Month: I’m Not Giving You Any Money, Gina

    As if you are the first person to make a YouTube video and call me out for owing you money. Psh. BUT, this isn't about money, is it? No, this is about GameCola's number one menace: Furries.

  • … of the Month: Best Guest Host EVER

    Since I was inexplicably in the Caribbean last month instead of doing my GameCola work, Captain Eric had to take over ...of the Month for me. He did a fine job for someone who isn't on the level of MEGAGOD like me, and I got to wondering: Just who is the greatest guest writer that OTM has ever seen? For reference, every single one of the guest written oTM segments will be linked right here:

  • … of the Month: Magic: The Gathering

    Hey hey hey! Filling in for the elusive Mr. Gardner this month will be me, Eric Regan: creator of THE AWESOME. Handheld systems are a GOOD idea. No one is disputing this. However, not every kind of game works on handheld systems. Ever trying playing a FPS on one? Yeah, not so fun. RPGs? Eh, theywork like on any system. Action games?

  • … of the Month: Top 10 Most Badass Videogame Women!

    OK, there’s not really much to say here, other than the following list is arranged from 10 to 1 with 1 being the most badass videogame woman of all time. I will, as always, be hoping to have reader feedback. More on that after the list! Oh, one note: All of these characters are party members or controlled by the player in some way. I’m not including anyone who just appears in a videogame.