• Brink (X360)

    When you take a stroll down to your local burger joint and see the slow kid that always smelled faintly of cottage cheese pushing around a mop, you're usually not too surprised that he didn't amount t

  • Enjoy Videogames While You Still Can.

    The Fall Xbox Live dashboard update went live earlier today, enabling Kinect support, heralding the dawn of a new, family-friendly era for the 360, and commencing what will ultimately lead to the end

  • Poor Player’s Paradise: All Under $25

    The 2010 holiday season is rapidly approaching, and that means you only have a few more weeks before your extra money is monopolized by gifts for loved ones. Now's the time to blow as much extra money

  • Rocket Knight (PC)

    This is the most difficult review I will ever write. Don't get me wrong—I know exactly what I feel about Rocket Knight, the long-awaited new adventure for one of the 16-bit generation's cult heroes.

  • E3 Day One: Microsoft/Xbox 360 Day

    E3, the biggest videogame event of the year, is now officially in session.  Just like last year, GameCola has asked their casual gamer to write up a report, instead of asking someone who knows all ab

  • Zombie Sniper 3D (X360-XBLI)

    Every now and then the promise of a sub-$3 game will overtake me and I'll browse through the Xbox Live indie game selection to see what's available. Though, I usually stop looking after seeing a neve

  • GC Podcast #25: When Cowboys Wore Pink

    In this retro-themed edition of The GameCola Podcast, Nathaniel Hoover, Christian Porter, Zach Rich, and GC Podcast virgin Stuart Gipp (that's pronounced Gipp) discuss: The games that got them all i

  • Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition (X360-XBLA)

    I am always excited and thrilled when a game comes around that promises a truly unique experience. A graphical style that paints a wonderful world; a narrative with exciting twists and turns; a gamep

  • What the Crap?: Voice Chat

    Is this thing on? You bet your sweet ass it is. But for many, there isn't a "thing." For others, some use this thing as a boom box over their shoulder like it's the 1980s, or they use it to be racist

  • Ghostbusters: The Video Game (PS3)

    First, let me start this review off by saying that bustin' makes me feel good. What I'm saying is, I'm a huge ghost-head. Some may argue that a movie/franchise game shouldn't be reviewed by a fan of t