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Dear Readers,

The third paragraph really sucked Paul; I’m going to have to fail you for that.

– Eric

Im glad to see your back eric!

– Father Time

Versus Mode

For some reason, Paul responding to whatever Neal said read very very weird and lame. I’m sorry, but I think you got your ass handed to you on this one, Paul.

– Eric

I think Paul did a commendable job. Because I’m a kiss ass brown noser…wait a sec…actually, I appreciated the debate since this is what I do all the time with my loser friends…and I always win, usually. 🙁

– Gina

Which one is carl

– Father Time

I mean, fucking Sony. Lik-Sang was an excellent resource for fucking Dreamcast stuff. I was pissed when they went offline because nobody else carries the Dreamcast dev stuff that cheap!

– Kevin

Matthew F.’s review of Montezuma’s Return

Isnt this a disease

– Father Time

Paul’s review of Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy

This month’s review lacks the absurdly Super Thumbish amount of words in all capitals that last month included.

– Eric

Steve’s review of Final Fantasy II

so i take it all the other final fantasies you mentioned deserve a 14 out of 10, them being so much better than this 9/10 game. I mean, if they only would get the maximum score this game should be allowed to challenge the crown, since it’s so close to that. Unless, of course, the score a game gets has no real significance

– ffrulezSephirothCloud

The Gates of Life

Noo not the streebs!!!

– Father Time

How could you kill off Streebless???

– Paul

Cheat Codes for Life

What are ya talkin’ about? The 360 has loads of good games!

– Steve

Eric: Yes, I personally love the “Shooting People in the Face” series, volumes 3-99.

testgame.exe: Making the Adventure

How many years am I going to have to wait to actually go inside the damn castle?

– Matt

Lizo: Somewhere between a month and another year, I would guess.

I still want to be a voice!!

– Father Time

Digital Championship Wrestling

That was some fine commentating by the Regan fellow.

– Eric

You cant get rid of eric paul hes the best thing dcw has going for it!!

– Father Time

Paul: We will take your opinion into consideration, Father Time. But Eric is still in the DCW dog house.

Captain Eric’s Super Thumb Feature Presentation

YES the thumbs are BACK!

– Father Time

Oh how i missse dthe thumbs

– Father Time

Thanks for brigning them back eric!!!!

– Father Time

Heey eric your email adress is kidn of like that movie

– Father Time

Eric: Why are you still here.



– Andrew Zintl


An interesting weekend:

So Saturday night I went to spend a few hours at my parents’ house watching movies and relaxing till’ about 1:30 in the morning.  When it was time to leave as I was going to the car I fell flat on my back after slipping on some ice and smacked my head on the pavement.  I remember nothing about the incident (even though I’m told my eyes were open the whole time and I was talking; asking what happened) at all except for the sound of shoes slipping and then being in the car frantically asking what had happened and saying that I needed to go to the hospital because my head was bleeding and I couldn’t remember what happened.

We arrived at the emergency room sometime after 2:00 am, and by that time my neck muscles were screaming with pain.  After admitting myself and trying to stay calm (which isn’t easy when your head is bleeding) a hospital intern examined me and told me that my head wouldn’t need stitches, and my neck muscles/ligaments on both sides were severely pulled and possibly torn; but there didn’t seem to be any damage to my spine so I’d be fine, just in a hell of a lot of pain for a week or so.  He offered me some Valium to help with the pain which I quickly declined because I know how sick that crap can make you if your body doesn’t handle it well, and then he went off to consult with the doctor in charge while a nurse came to tell me to please wait for the “real doctor” to come speak with me before I  went home.

So there we sat, trapped in a small hospital exam space waiting for this doctor as the clock quickly approached 4:00 am, and he never showed.  Finally I went and found the nurse who had told me to wait and asked her if this doctor was coming to see me, or if I could go home, she then paged this guy who I actually heard say “oh no, she can go” and that was all after making me wait for him for around half an hour.  I wasn’t impressed at all.  I was finally able to go to bed at 5 in the morning, completely pain killer free because we have no food in the house and it was too late to go anywhere to get something to eat.  I know I only slept a few minutes at a time that morning/afternoon thanks to my neck, and even now pain pills aren’t doing much to help me so it’s going to be a very long week or so I suppose.

Let my story be a lesson to you all: No one ever cracked their head and killed their neck staying home and playing video games on icy winter nights.  Think about it.

– Altair M. Semicolon


Eric Versus the Old Man
By Father Time

Sweat was pouring off of the old mans back as he got clotheslined in the face by captain eric regan whos world heavyweight championship was on the line in this epic match. He hit the mat hard as the captain bounced off the ropes and dropped an elbow straight into his chest. He knew he was almost done for, nobody could beat eric, but he wasnt ready to give up. Not yet, not ever.

He tried to spring up to his feet but he felt a little wobbly, it had been along time since he had last been able to do that. He was not in the prime of his career. He had managed to pick up some fluke victories recently but not against people of eric’s caliber.

Eric kicked him again right in the face and the old man went down. This was it, he thought. And then he saw something. A sign in the crowd, held up by somebody who was in the crowd. The sign said “you can do it” and he thought to himself that he really could. This was his biggest mistake it was a truth that nobody ever beat eric. Especially not any old man.

He tried to get up but then eric picked him up and delivered a vicious powerbomb. The old man was out eric got the one two three. He had successfully defended his championship!!!!! The crowd went crazy but eric just brushed it off because he was to used to beating jabronies like this old man. He longed for real competition. And someday he eventually got it….

– Father Time

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