• Azada (PC)

    Azada, which pioneered the casual adventure games genre, is now a clunky classic.

  • Amazon’s Valentine’s Day Sale

    Amazon.com is having a casual videogames sale for Valentine's Day.

  • iCasual

    I'm a casual gamer, though I never used to be. Here is a short story about why you should be, too. Happy new year. I've been catching up with all the gaming I've missed over the last few months, and w

  • Millennium: A New Hope (PC)

    Hello, everyone! Today, I'm reviewing Millennium: A New Hope.

  • Gamer Girlfriend: A-Puzzling We Will Go

    It's a well-known truism in gaming (in other words, it is a broad-scale generalization that I totally just made up) that no two gamers will have the exact same taste in videogames. This is the reason

  • Steam Heroes (XBLIG)

    There's a lot of Xbox Live Indie Games that pass through here for review and, frankly, most of them are terrible and I just can't be bothered to review them all. So, I've been working off of this fl

  • Enjoy Videogames While You Still Can.

    The Fall Xbox Live dashboard update went live earlier today, enabling Kinect support, heralding the dawn of a new, family-friendly era for the 360, and commencing what will ultimately lead to the end

  • Hamlet (PC)

    Aside from Flash games for my Flash Flood column, I really don't play casual games; if I'm not spending two hours pulling my hair out after dying on the same boss, the game just isn't any fun. However

  • Samantha Swift and the Hidden Roses of Athena (PC)

    I have a confession to make: I am officially a casual gamer. Sure, there were definite warning signs. I only bought three new videogames last year, two of which had the words "Nancy Drew" in the title

  • Default Thumbnail

    GDC 2010: Day Two

    Day Two of the Game Developers Conference was nothing but seminars, just like Day One. I'm reeeally tempted to end my article here because writing about seminars I've never attended is pretty boring,