• Dance Dance Revolution Universe 2 (X360)

    Let's get this over with and then forget it even happened at all.

  • Rhythm Party (XBLA)

    First up, I'm just doing a bit of market research. Who here owns a Kinect? Please raise your hand. Just the one, right there at the back. Excellent. Well, that one person doesn't need telling. For th

  • Bear Riding a Tricycle; Faith in Konami is Restored.

    Look! A bear taking an environmentally friendly commute! Great, now that I've got you suckered into reading a post about a dancing game... Konami recently announced the spiritual sequel to last year's

  • Dance Dance Revolution Universe (X360)

    The last console you'd expect to see a dancing game on would be the sausage-fest that is the Xbox 360, but Konami must have thought they could release a fairly good DDR on this platform. They thought

  • Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party 3 (Wii)

    Some like it hot; others like it hottest. I like it when dancing games improve instead of being shoveled out to meet demands. I'm always skeptical when waiting for the latest DDR game, but also ready

  • Dance Dance Revolution SuperNova (Arcade)

    Now for something completely different: a review of an arcade videogame. You know, the big machines you pump quarters into? This review does contain Emi Toshiba, so there is at least one good reason t