• [NSFW] Speak American: Episode 2

    Episode 2 of Speak American is here with four new foreign games that we probably can't even play.

  • Muramasa: The Demon Blade (Wii)

    Motion controls? Bah! Fancy-pants three-dee graphics? Who needs 'em? Back in my day, we felt lucky if we had two buttons to press and could tell the hero apart from an 8-bit ketchup stain. The crafty

  • Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water’s Edge Preview

    Who wants to see a preview of the Nancy Drew game that's being released this fall/winter? Well, too bad. You're getting one anyway.

  • Speak American: Episode 1

    An English-only speaker's guide to games that have the audacity to speak a different language.

  • Gamera Obscura: Wakataka Oozumou: Yume no Kyoudai Taiketsu

    This month, I present to you Wakataka Oozumou: Yume no Kyoudai Taiketsu for the Super Famicom. Yes, it's Japanese, and thank fucking goodness it stayed over there.

  • Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA (PSP)

    Taking advantage of the PSP's region-free functionality (amongst other things)? You bloody well should be. Some of my favourite games were released in Japan exclusively, or at least much earlier than

  • What It’s Like in Japan

    I totally forgot about this video. It's a music video I made for a song on Logan Whitehurst's Very Tiny Songs album, in thanks for him making the 15th song on that album for me. It's all about Japan, and videogame enthusiasts might recognize where the song draws its inspiration from.

  • Katamari Forever (PS3)

    For those not aware of what Katamari Damacy is, and why the series has such high acclaim, I recommend you do some prior reading. Take a look at Casey Levine's review for the game, from a GameCola issu

  • Lovely Lisa (DS)

    Little Sarah only wanted to be her mummy's favourite girl. Every day she would do the housework, help dry the dishes, put the rubbish out, feed the pets and even wash the car. She was a fine, well-beh

  • Gamera Obscura: Popeye: Ijiwaru Majo Sea Hag no Maki

    Believe it or not, Japan must really like that Popeye character. I just hope that Japanese audiences don't consider Popeye as the embodiment of Western freedom, or else we're going to end up looking like ship-hugging, anchor-loving sea yokels with puffy arms and heroin-addict level spinach infatuations (not to mention the fact that our women all look like coat racks, which is straying farther and farther from the truth every year).