• [NSFW] Top of the Heap: Games Set In Real-Life Theme Parks

    Whenever my wife and I are trying to think of where to spend our next vacation together, our knee-jerk instinct is to say "OMG, LET'S GO TO DISNEY!" It's where we had our first date and spent our hone

  • Rhythm Party (XBLA)

    First up, I'm just doing a bit of market research. Who here owns a Kinect? Please raise your hand. Just the one, right there at the back. Excellent. Well, that one person doesn't need telling. For th

  • Occupy Sesame Street, From Your Living Room

    If you're like me, you probably sit for hours in your living room looking at your old, dusty games and toys, reliving that great Christmasukkah of 1996 when you unwrapped your very first Tickle Me Elm

  • Diabolical Pitch Will Make Your Arm Fall Off

    But at least you'll be able to say that you've played what is, in all likelihood, the world's only baseball-sim/demon-shooter hybrid. (And you'll have a cool new nickname, Stumpy.) Check out the tra

  • Captain Eric’s Psychic Thumb Feature Presentation

    PSYCHIC! THUMBS! PSYCHIC! THUMBS! Here they are, at last! Oh yeah. It has been MUCH too long since you fine people, you fine CHOSEN people (which of course means that you chose to click this link!),

  • Double Fine is Working on a Sesame Street Game for the Kinect

    ...what? None of the words in that sentence go with any of the other words in that sentence.As if a game about Russian stacking dolls wasn't befuddling (and, apparently, awesome) enough, Destructoid

  • Would Yoo Please Look at This Game?

    Why have I never heard of this game before? It's called Yoostar 2 (2?! Why haven't I heard of the original before?!), and it's a game that uses the Kinect/PlayStation Move camera to insert yourself in

  • Twisted Pixel Hates Controllers

    Why? What's wrong with controllers? Why can't we just use controllers?!Twisted Pixel, purveyors of such downloadable games as 'Splosion Man, Comic Jumper, and [name redacted because they're afraid Ca

  • Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 (X360) [NSFW]

    The other day, I scuttled off to my local mega-mart, where they have recently started accepting videogame trade-ins. I decided toLet me get this out of the way: TITS. HUMONGOUS WOBBLY STONKING GREAT B

  • Kinect Has a Good Side, Too

    Besides destroying the videogame industry forever and ever, Kinect also does something kinda cool---it can turn your body and living room into a galaxy, albeit unintentionally. Assuming you have night