• The Beatles: Rock Band (X360)

    The Beatles were revolutionary! A massive inspiration to everyone who ever lived. They were a massive influence of mine, although I didn't realise this until a few weeks before the release of The Beat

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    PURE (X360)

    Well-known extreme sports include skateboarding, surfboarding, and roller-skating. For those of you who are not into extreme sports, I'd like to explain some aspects of this genre to you. It's all ab

  • Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon (N64)

    Games from early in a console's life often feel a tad like they're missing something. Have you played Red Steel? Of course you have, and you're scarred for life because of it. This pain is nothing; d

  • Space Math (XBLIG)

    I jump at the chance to review any edutainment games. I have fond memories of the greatest educational game ever conceived, The Logical Journey of the Zoombinis.  I believe we can never learn enough,

  • GC Podcast #17: Casting Our Own Pods

    Hello, everyone. Paul here, hosting and editing the latest edition of "The GameCola Podcast," because...because...actually, I'm not sure how I got saddled with this.