• Rock ‘n Ball (NES)

    Bringing pinball action straight into your living room! New, for the Nintendo Entertainment System!

  • [NSFW] Dancing Eyes (ARC)

    Hey, watch where you're sticking that monkey!

  • [NSFW] Mid-Boss #4: Super Cash Bros.

    Hey guys, did you hear that Bandai Namco is working on the new Smash Bros.?!

  • Ridge Racer 3D (3DS)

    Those with more money than sense are the proud owners (and subsequently 'dis-owners') of the Nintendo 3DS. I do not enjoy taking a stroll into town and getting a StreetPass hit from some delinquent wh

  • Pac-Man Arrangement (PSP)

    A Pac-Man Arrangement:There once was a man named Pac-Man,And rehashing old games was his plan.There was no aim for fun,And his games all bar none,Were destined to enter the trash can.But Arrangement i

  • Tales of Vesperia (X360)

    Tales of Vesperia? More like Tales of Messperia.

  • Tekken 6 (X360)

    Gasp, it's an essay.Tekken 6 time, guys. Seeing as Street Fighter x Tekken AND Tekken x Street Fighter have been announced, I thought it was the "right time" to go guns blazing on why I love and hate

  • Me & My Katamari (PSP)

    I tend to write a lot. All in favour of a short review say aye. Aye. Where Katamari Damacy greatly innovates, Me My Katamari thoroughly improves. By its very nature, designed for the "bus journey ho

  • Katamari Forever (PS3)

    For those not aware of what Katamari Damacy is, and why the series has such high acclaim, I recommend you do some prior reading. Take a look at Casey Levine's review for the game, from a GameCola issu

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    Why We Haven’t Seen Much From Namco Lately

    So a few weeks ago, I went to a job fair, and who should be hiring but the video game developer Namco?  I decided to stop by and see if my work at GameCola could help me wrangle a job.  Unfortunatel