• Dear Readers: Six Things Zach Demands to See Implemented in the GameCola Re-launch That May or May Not Happen Before His Death in 2020

    I miss you all. I really do. This hiatus is as hard on me as it is on you. I wasn’t there for you during the final hours of the magazine format because I was spending the better part of June preparing to wear a frilly gown while crossing a stage, stopping in the middle of the stage to shake the hand of some guy I’ve never met, and receiving a piece of paper proclaiming my emancipation from a horrid jail cell I’d been cooped up in for the past four years.

  • Dear Readers: Details of the Upcoming GameCola

    IT'S OK. THERE IS NO NEED TO PANIC. THE CRISIS HAS ENDED. No, I don't mean the crisis of "what the hell, Paul, why isn't GameCola's brand-spanking new website ready yet?"

  • Dear Readers: GameCola’s Not Dead

    A video starring Post-It Notes about why the new site isn't ready yet, what's taking so long, and what you can expect when it's finally ready.

  • GC Podcast #13: The Unlucky Podcast

    In this edition of "The GameCola Podcast," Michael Gray, Michael Ridgaway, Zach Rich, and Nathaniel Hoover discuss:The new GameColaSave Points : good or bad?People are more excited for re-releases tha

  • Dear Readers: Where is GameCola?

    Don't worry—GameCola's not dead. By saying that, I've probably caused more worry than I've alleviated; if you look at any deceased website, chances are that its last update is one saying that it totally isn't dead, and that there will tons of new content coming shortly, just you wait.

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    Bugs, Hugs and Other Stuff

    So now you've all heard the big news—GameCola's final issue is out, and the site will be changing its format. I've been working hard to bring you guys an all-new GameCola. It's coming, and it will be big.

  • Dear Readers: The Last Issue of GameCola

    This is the last issue of GameCola. Boy, I bet that got your attention.

  • Captain Eric’s Cheat Codes for Life

    Captain Eric Regan offers advice on how to prepare for GameCola's upcoming relaunch, how to deal with slow Internet connections in online gaming, and more.

  • Exile trilogy (PC)

    (Editor's note: This article was originally published in the July 2009 issue of GameCola, back when GameCola was published in a monthly online magazine format.) Like the fabled Simpsons switch to HD,