Dear Readers: The Last Issue of GameCola

This is the last issue of GameCola. Boy, I bet that got your attention.

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gameover(Editor’s note: This article was originally published in the July 2009 issue of GameCola, back when GameCola was published in a monthly online magazine format.)

GameCola Headquarters
New Haven, CT 06511

July 2009

Dear Readers,

This is the last issue of GameCola.

Boy, I bet that got your attention. Maybe I should clarify—I don’t want your tears to well up so much that you can’t read my explanation.

GameCola isn’t actually going anywhere, but its format is about to undergo a major overhaul. Even major-er than the one from January 2005, when we stopped publishing every single article on one page.1 We’re completely ditching the monthly magazine format. No more will you be getting your new issue of GameCola near the first of every month, chock full of humorous videogame reviews and columns about hilarious framerates.2 From now on, we’ll be updating on the fly, whenever one of us writes a new article. We’ll be posting new reviews, columns, podcasts, comics, videos, and stories onto the main page of the site as they’re produced, instead of waiting until the end of the month and then sending them all out at once.

It’s like we’re turning into a real Web site.

We’ll be completely remaking the site to account for this new format, switching over to a design that, hopefully, looks a little less 1997 Geocities and a little more today. Captain Eric, Kevin and I have been collaborating on the design, and now Kevin is working his buttissimo off to actually build the site. He hasn’t slept in weeks. You should be very thankful we have him on the teamhe ain’t getting paid for all this work. He’s doing it out of love for the ‘Cola.

Our ideal launch timeframe is the beginning of August, when we’d normally be publishing our next new issue. Notice I used the word “ideal” there, though. Things happen, and there’s a chance we won’t make that deadline. If we don’t, I’ll be posting updates on our progress right on the main page, so keep your eyes peeled.3 In addition, I’ll be sending a message out over the mailing list to let everyone know when the site is launched, and I’ll probably post about it on our Facebook page, too.

We’ll also be bringing new writers into the site, to help us produce more content for this more-frequently updated GameCola. I’m hoping to bring in some familiar faces from GC’s past, as well as some writers I’ve been scouting over at GameFAQs. If you, the reader, or any of your friends want to write about videogames, and think you can do so humorouslyget in touch.

We’ll also be looking for new editors, too, so if you, or any of your friends, have an interest in editing videogame-related articles or gaining editorial experience to put on a resume, drop me a line.

And that’s about all I can say about the relaunch right now!

But that’s not all I can say, period. Before you’re officially allowed to be excited about the coming relaunch, you’ve still got this month’s issue to read. Here’s just some of what you can look forward to seeing in this month’s issue of GameCola, which is also, BTW, our biggest issue yet:

  • Versus Mode” this month features two special guest stars: Max, the Editor-and-Chief of fellow videogame-humor Web site, and Josiah Pisciotta, the owner of indie developer Chronic Logic, creators of the now free-to-download Zatikon.

  • We’re a month late, but we’re still talking about E3 in “Carbonated News” and on “The GameCola Podcast.”

  • Nathaniel continues his trend of finally reviewing things that aren’t Mega Man, but totally blows it by talking about Mega Man in his “Flash Flood” column, instead.

  • Stuart Gipp debuts yet another new column5 in “The Basics,” which gives you “the basics” of a given videogame franchise.

  • Terrence Atkins artfully depicts a boy’s perspective on losing his virginity in “Be Careful What You Search For.”

  • Captain Eric offers advice for coping with the new GameCola format in “Cheat Codes for Life.”

  • Matt discusses his new format for “…of the Month” in “…of the Month.”

  • Mid-Boss presents the “Mid-Boss Summer Awards” in “Mid-Boss.

  • Michael Gray sets a GameCola record by writing seven articles for this one issue (and hosting two podcasts!)

  • Lizo thinks you should all check out The Big Reveal in her point-and-click adventure game, testgame.

  • And finally, the GameCola staff pays homage to the very first issue of GameCola in our super-special “Issue 1-1 Tribute” section.6

  • One more thing: I recorded a video playthrough of Super Back to the Future Part II for the Super Famicom, and put it on our YouTube page. So you should check that out. While you’re there, you can also check out Michael Gray’s new playthrough of Mega Man X.

OK, now I’m out of things to say. Enjoy the issue!

Because it is the last issue.

Paul Franzen
editor in chief

1. Which I still think was a totally awesome format, BTW.

2. If you’re wondering why I picked these two articles to link to, I just grabbed them from our I-swear-it’ll-be-updated-when-we-relaunch Top Articles page.

3. Literally.4

4. Using “literally” incorrectly is a joke that never gets old.

5. I believe he may hold the current GameCola record for “Most New Columns Developed,” with “Great Moments in Gaming,” “How to be a Gamer,” “The Ten GameMandments,” “Attack of the Clones,” and “The Basics“.

6. Those of you who, like me, miss the all-articles-on-one-page format should definitely check this out.

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