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On this edition of the GameCola podcast, we talk about how videogames intersect with our college lives, from classes and assignments to extracurriculars!
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In a future where memory is malleable, will you remember this nod to classic cyberpunk?
GameCola brings you the best their musical talents can offer (through a Skype filter).
Despite efforts by Nintendo to keep the NES squeaky clean, some unlicensed game developers managed leak some smuttiness onto the otherwise family-friendly system.
Nine knock-off Pokémon games you probably haven't caught yet.
Your patience has finally paid off...GameCola is officially back!
Hacks'n'Slash, GameCola's bad fanfiction podcast, returns with a selection of Phoenix Wright fanfiction! For the first time ever, I believe we have actual slash in Hacks'n'Slash. We also have some guy
A look at why the three main Phoenix Wright characters will be forever dateless.
Best played wearing a leather mask, some sort of chaps, and a safe word.

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