Space Quest 0: Replicated

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SQ0We here at GameCola love our adventure games. If you look through the archives, you’ll see plenty of references to LucasArts, Telltale Games, and pretty much anyone who’s ever made an adventure game.

Except Sierra. What did Sierra ever do to you?

SQ2 Death Message

Oh, that’s right. Sierra turned you into a graham cracker statue, blew you up when you fired your gun in the sewer, and sent a killer android to wring you out like a wet towel. Apparently that kind of thing is frowned upon at GameCola. Perish the thought of death as a consequence for failure in a videogame. Well, I’m on a quest—a Space Quest, if you will, ho ho—to bring the joy of sudden explosive decompression to us all.

Now on the GameCola YouTube channel is my two-hour half-blind playthrough (split into eight parts to encourage regular sanity breaks) of Space Quest 0: Replicated, the fan-made prequel to Sierra’s Space Quest series of comedic sci-fi adventure games.

This particular installment utilizes a text parser interface—another rarity ’round these parts—so viewers accustomed to the point-and-click shenanigans of Bent Svensson are in for a treat. Watch in awe/amusement/bland indifference as I command bumbling space janitor Roger Wilco to EAT everything in sight, USE CROWBAR indiscriminately, and DO SOMETHING INAPPROPRIATE that I swear was an accident.

The first three videos are embedded below, but I direct you to the full Space Quest 0 playlist so you can enjoy the rest of the video series, in which CAVE BEES.

Too lazy to scroll back up for the link? I’ve gotcha covered. Click here for the full Space Quest 0 playlist.

Wait! Shoot! I did it again. I meant here. I’m so bad at this.

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