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Top of the Heap: The Naughty Side of the NES
Despite efforts by Nintendo to keep the NES squeaky clean, some unlicensed game developers managed leak some smuttiness onto the otherwise family-friendly system.
Why the Phoenix Wright Characters Will Die Alone
A look at why the three main Phoenix Wright characters will be forever dateless.
[NSFW] Top of the Heap: Pokémon Games That Aren't
Nine knock-off Pokémon games you probably haven't caught yet.
Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (DS)
Stupid names aside, this is a game well worth looking at.
Runaway: A Road Adventure (PC)
Brian Basco is the biggest asshole in adventure gaming. He's supposed to be the "hero" of Runaway: A Road Adventure. But would a hero:Comment on how "this person probably needs this object," and then
Snobow Kids Plus (PSX)
I'm grumpy, you know why?
Oh, the Humanity! - Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth, Episodes 14-15
Miles Edgeworth solves the mystery of the poorly-translated manga.
Disregard Canon, Acquire Representation: Naoto Shirogane is a Transman
Why accept the canon explanation when the story could be so much more interesting?
Pac-Man Arrangement (PSP)
A Pac-Man Arrangement:There once was a man named Pac-Man,And rehashing old games was his plan.There was no aim for fun,And his games all bar none,Were destined to enter the trash can.But Arrangement i
Where's Waldo?: The Fantastic Journey (iPad)
GameCola finds Waldo on the iPad.

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