• The Twenty Best and Worst Videogames of All Time (April Fools 2010)

    GameCola recently conducted a staff poll to determine what games we think are the best and worst of all time. After adding up all the point totals, we came up with a definitive list, which is sure to

  • Guitar Hero Smash Hits (X360)

    Smash Hits—or Worst...I mean, Greatest Hits, everywhere outside of the U.S.—is another in a long string of Guitar Hero titles (such as the already reviewed Guitar Hero: Drama Queens and Band Hero:

  • DJ Hero (X360)

    Another Hero game? Do I even have the time for all of these? Although it is a Hero title, do not confuse this game with that awful monetary spinner, Guitar Hero: Van Halen, which contains the worst so

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    Band Hero (X360)

    Just to explain, Band Hero is Guitar Hero for kids; everything offensive has been removed in what I like to call the "Don't Offend The Serious Christians" edition of Guitar Hero. In case you aren't aw

  • Guitar Hero 5 (X360)

    I'm reviewing Guitar Hero 5, aren't I? Just...give me a moment. As I sit here at my virus-ridden and slowly dying PC, I ask myself a question: Have I wasted my life? Of course I have. Everyone else ha

  • The Beatles: Rock Band (X360)

    The Beatles were revolutionary! A massive inspiration to everyone who ever lived. They were a massive influence of mine, although I didn't realise this until a few weeks before the release of The Beat

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    Guitar Hero Rock Band

    Yesterday, I went back to campus to give someone a birthday present, and I finally got to see this phenomenon known as "Guitar Hero Rock Band."  Apparently, it involves pressing five buttons when the

  • Carbonated News: November 2009

    Welcome to "Carbonated News," the column where I get you up-to-date on the latest gaming news.  Although, to be honest, I only write this column at the end of the month, so the news isn't all that up

  • GC Podcast #11: Paul’s Beard is Awesome

    This edition of "The GameCola Podcast" features Michael Gray, Paul Franzen, and special guest star Marianne Fenwick.

  • Versus Mode: Vegetarian Videogames, UFC, Country Music, and More

    Former GC writer Joel Tandberg and current GC writer Stuart Gipp discuss vegetarian videogames, MMA fighters' rights, country music, and more.