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Top of the Heap: The Naughty Side of the NES
Despite efforts by Nintendo to keep the NES squeaky clean, some unlicensed game developers managed leak some smuttiness onto the otherwise family-friendly system.
[NSFW] Top of the Heap: Pokémon Games That Aren't
Nine knock-off Pokémon games you probably haven't caught yet.
Why the Phoenix Wright Characters Will Die Alone
A look at why the three main Phoenix Wright characters will be forever dateless.
[NSFW] Little Nicky (GBC)
Here's the movie-based videogame that nobody wanted, or expected! Prepare to be sickened, amazed and bewildered by Little Nicky, the game where you can play as the son of Satan himself! The movie this
Disregard Canon, Acquire Representation: Naoto Shirogane is a Transman
Why accept the canon explanation when the story could be so much more interesting?
Wipe Your Butt With Ace Attorney!
Sorry about the glut of Ace Attorney news as of late, but I couldn't just let this one pass through me. Per Destructoid, to promote the Japanese release of Takashi Miike's Phoenix Wright film, a vari
The Basics: Metal Slug
We’ve all been there, gang. Sat in the local Quizno’s with a group of your closest friends, discussing the women (or men) you’ve slept with, the wacky antics in which you have participated, when all of a sudden—and without warning—your dearest friend suddenly pipes up.
[NSFW] Hacks'n'Slash #13: Tales of Tikitaki
In this month's (NSFW) installment of "Hacks'n'Slash," we explore a beyond-ridiculous Animal Crossing farce, Tales of Tikitaki. May contain pole dancing.

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