• A Very GameCola Wedding 2: Wed Harder

    I married the love of my life, Elizabeth "Lizo" Medina-Gray, on the end of the world, May 21, 2011. ...Well, that's not really true; apparently it was actually just supposed to be "Judgement Day," wit

  • Flash Flood: Thinking with Portals

    It's been several months since my last "Flash Flood" column, but believe me, I am still alive. That's why it's appropriate for me to make my long-awaited comeback now, in the wake of another long-awai

  • Portal 2 (PC)

    A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... OK, maybe not far, far away, because it's exactly like this one. I think it's in New Jersey somewhere. You know what? Screw it. You all know what Portal i

  • GC Podcast #26: E3 2010

    The latest edition of The GameCola Podcast has just been released, featuring E3 coverage from three people who didn't actually go to E3. Michael Gray, Paul Franzen, and Elizabeth "Lizo" Medina-Gray di

  • Portal 2 Delayed to 2011; Hilarity Ensues?

    Aperture Science, doing business as Aperture Laboratories LLC, in partnership with Valve today announced the successful completion of an ethics-review-panel-supervised release date restructuring process. Portal 2, the sequel to the ground-breaking title that earned over 30 Game of the Year awards despite missing its original ship date, is now targeted for a 2011 release.

  • GC Podcast #25: When Cowboys Wore Pink

    In this retro-themed edition of The GameCola Podcast, Nathaniel Hoover, Christian Porter, Zach Rich, and GC Podcast virgin Stuart Gipp (that's pronounced Gipp) discuss: The games that got them all i

  • X-Men Origins: Wolverine (X360)

    If ever there was a movie-to-videogame adaption I'd wish done superbly, it would be any of the X-Men movies. Why? Because of Wolverine. Any X-Men game exists solely to be a vehicle for Wolverine. He i

  • The Anger Dome: Portal vs. MGS4

    Hey everyone, I'm going to try out a new column I've entitled "The Anger Dome." Essentially, it's me ranting about a topic that has proved particularly provoking to my ire. Today's topic: Portal vs. M

  • The 2007 GameCola Videogame Awards

    Remember that thing we did last year? We did it again this year. The GameCola staff got together for some hardcore extreme voting action, and, once the bits were settled, we had some basic idea of wh