• Eight New Endings for Swords and Monsters

    Swords and Monsters, the Xbox Live Indie RPG released in late 2008 by Triple A Studios, has recently been updated to offer eight more alternate endings, in addition to the three the game had previousl

  • Math Gardener (X360-XBLI)

    I ran into a bit of a dilemma when deciding how to review this game. In playing it, it's immediately apparent that this is less a game, and more a review supplement for basic math. Since this is a vid

  • Math Sniper 3D (X360-XBLI)

    Math Sniper 3D could have saved my life when I was in third grade, but it just had to fall into my lap twelve years too late.

  • Minus the Pudding: The Best of Xbox Live Indie Games

    A round-up of the very few Xbox Live Indie Games that aren't soduku, including Don't Be Nervous Talking to Girls, Kissy Poo, and more.

  • Space Math (XBLIG)

    I jump at the chance to review any edutainment games. I have fond memories of the greatest educational game ever conceived, The Logical Journey of the Zoombinis.Ā  I believe we can never learn enough,

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    Minimalist Videogames

    Community Games on Xbox Live are hard to locate. Or, at least, they were a week or so ago, the last time I checked. Maybe things have changed since then. If they have, you can skip the next two senten

  • XBL Indie Games: Zombies, Decapitations, and More!

    It's been a while since any truly interesting Xbox Live Indie (formerly "Community") games have been released, and I say that mostly because the last time I wrote about them was in March, when A Fadin

  • XBL Community Games: A Fading Melody

    Some people describe A Fading Melody as a Braid rip-off. I think those people are wrong. I like to think of it as "Braid inspired." After all, we can't just call all artsy 2D platformers Braid rip-off

  • XBL Community Games: Doodles, Love, and Falling

    Community Games on Xbox Live are the best, and I say that mostly because: 1) They cost like a dollar or two each, and 2) The indie developers who make them sometimes do interesting things. 2 is not al

  • Now available on Xbox Live Community Games

    You know I'm not making that one up, because I have the game's trailer to prove it. From the game's official description: "Chug your beer as fast as you can!