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Secret of Mana RPGCast - Part 8: Improvised Ranged Weaponry
Don't let the dancing baby Moogle distract you.
Disregard Canon, Acquire Representation: Naoto Shirogane is a Transman
Why accept the canon explanation when the story could be so much more interesting?
Michael Gray To Be In Nancy Drew Game
My good friends over at Her Interactive (the company that makes the Nancy Drew games) recently held a contest. It was simple: submit a yearbook-style photo of yourself, and the winning photos will app
[NSFW] Ctrl-Alt-Del: The Animated Series: In Review, Part I: Diary of a Madman
Ctrl-Alt-Del: The Animated Series isn't as irredeemable as it's made out to be. It's much, much worse. Ep 1x1: Television Dominance.
Games That Secretly Suck: Demon's Souls
Best played wearing a leather mask, some sort of chaps, and a safe word.
Playing Scannable Card Games in Japan
How do Japanese parents afford their kids playing these games?!
Jailbreak (PC)
It's like watching a cat be tortured for an hour.
GC Podcast #124: As Seen on TV
And now back to your regularly scheduled podcast...
My Sweet Bodyguard (iOS)
The timeless tale of the daughter of a Japanese prime minister and her bodyguards.
[NSFW] Top of the Heap: Atari's Naughty Side
13 games that showcase just how titillating the 2600 can be.

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