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Secret of Mana RPGCast - Part 17: Return of Flammie
Our boy returns! Oh, and some other stuff happens, too.
Top of the Heap: The Naughty Side of the NES
Despite efforts by Nintendo to keep the NES squeaky clean, some unlicensed game developers managed leak some smuttiness onto the otherwise family-friendly system.
Disregard Canon, Acquire Representation: Naoto Shirogane is a Transman
Why accept the canon explanation when the story could be so much more interesting?
Why the Phoenix Wright Characters Will Die Alone
A look at why the three main Phoenix Wright characters will be forever dateless.
[NSFW] Top of the Heap: Pokémon Games That Aren't
Nine knock-off Pokémon games you probably haven't caught yet.
[NSFW] Ctrl-Alt-Del: The Animated Series: In Review, Part I: Diary of a Madman
Ctrl-Alt-Del: The Animated Series isn't as irredeemable as it's made out to be. It's much, much worse. Ep 1x1: Television Dominance.
Matches and Matrimony: A Pride and Prejudice Tale (PC)
Matches and Matrimony: A Pride and Prejudice Tale is a hard game to describe. To put it in one sentence, it's a dating sim, based off of Jane Austen novels. And it is basically the greatest game ever.
[NSFW] Valkyrie Profile (PS1)
A game review for people who like JRPGs and swearing.
Space Quest: Vohaul Strikes Back
THIS is how you do a fangame. But if that doesn't grab your attention, play it for the monkeys.

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  • Submissions (May 2003)

    Comments, e-mails, artwork and more from GameCola’s readers.

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    Dear Readers: What is an RPG?

    I overheard these children in my school's gymnasium the other day discussing just what makes a game an RPG, and it kind of made me laugh. To them, a role-playing game is a game in which you name your main character, you are able to alter the storyline, and you take turns battling. So, by their logic, none of the games in the Legend of Zelda series can be considered RPGs, nor can Secret of Mana or Super Mario RPG. This got me thinking about what the true definition of a role-playing game really is. After looking back at all of the RPGs that I've beaten, I realized that the number of such games is embarrassingly small, and thus I'm probably no expert on RPGs. So I decided to pop on over to the Chrono Cross boards on GameFaqs to ask a few people who might be what their definition of a role-playing game would be.

  • Where’s Waldo? (NES)

    Why do people play video games?  I think the answer is a bit more profound then to simply kill some time.  I feel that people play games to escape from reality without resorting to drugs.  You can

  • Loafy Carl #11

    Neal Iannone's webcomic about videogames and the nerds who play them.

  • [NSFW] Loafy Carl #10

    Neal Iannone's webcomic about videogames and the nerds who play them.

  • [NSFW] Loafy Carl #9

    Neal Iannone's webcomic about videogames and the nerds who play them.

  • … of the Month: .hack//SIGN Vol. 1 Limited Edition Boxed

    This boxed set of .hack merchandise was released by Bandai in an attempt to make lots of money off of crazed fans like myself... and it worked. The box is hexagonal and has various .hack//SIGN characters on it. Inside the box are all the evils of the world, along with some hope and a bunch of .hack items to please any fan of the series.

  • Versus Mode: Oracle of Ages vs. Ocarina of Time

    How different can two games from the same series be?

  • Your Top 10 Favorite Games: Josephine Smothers

    Josephine Smothers's top 10 least-favorite videogames.

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    The Gates of Life: Episode 1 – Prologue

    Time flows like a river, and history repeats.  Such is the case for a group of young friends nestled away in the southeastern reaches of the Finny Isles.  Barin, Dugo, and Apul often spent their off